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Gods Unchained Crypto Game on Mobile » Everything You Need to Know

Gods Unchained Crypto Game on Mobile » Everything You Need to Know

Gods Unchained Available on Mobile – Play the Game Today!

Crypto gaming has branched out over multiple platforms now, with mobile and desktop being the main driving forces and choices for game developers. Billions of people around the world use their mobile devices every day, making it the perfect market to onboard new blockchain gamers.

Gods Unchained is a top crypto game. It has been led by ex Magic: The Gathering creative director, Chris Clay. By including Chris, Immutable has been able to expand this crypto trading card game into one of the biggest games on the blockchain.

Read on to find out how you can experience Gods Unchained on mobile today!

Gods Unchained Crypto Game on Mobile » Everything You Need to KnowGods Unchained Crypto Game on Mobile » Everything You Need to Know

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Is Gods Unchained Available on Mobile?

Gods Unchained is a NFT game worth your attention. It has become such a staple crypto game that it is many people’s first exposure to it.

Many gamers are eager to get Gods Unchained mobile version. Gods Unchained themselves have heard their fans’ requests. More recently, Gods Unchained has become available on some mobile devices.

At the time of writing, Gods Unchained is playable on Android devices.

How to Play Gods Unchained on Mobile

The next step is working out how to play Gods Unchained on mobile. It is a simple process that requires only an Android mobile device and a stable internet connection.

It is only in its pre-alpha stage and has been stated to be exclusively for Android, although a version for Apple iOS game is on the horizon.

You can follow the Gods Unchained mobile installation guide via their website.

  • Users must download the APK game file that is sent to them via email.
  • Once you have done this, a security pop up will appear. Click “Download anyway”.
  • Open the download, and then click “install the app.” A security pop up will appear, be sure to click “Install anyway.”

After following the above steps, you will now be able to play Gods Unchained on mobile. It is a fairly simple process.

Read on below to find out more about the Gods Unchained mobile game.

More Info – Gods Unchained on Mobile

It must be noted that Gods Unchained is in an extremely early phase of development. The gameplay that is seen currently will not be the finished product; gamers will experience some hiccups here and there.

If you are a content creator, you will be unable to stream and record the game at the moment. There will be a watermark over the gameplay, stopping you from sharing footage.

We are unsure whether or not Gods Unchained for mobile will be cross platform. Cross platform gaming has become a popular concept in crypto gaming, so we can imagine their team will have it in mind!

Gamers can enjoy the Casual, Ranked, Solo & Direct Challenge game modes. Other features include Forge, Star Store, Gods Unchained NFT Card Deck Building, Pack opening, Tutorial Game mode& Changing screen resolutions.


@ Gods Unchained

Overall there is a lot you can do in this early stage of Gods Unchained mobile.

Will you be playing Gods Unchained on your mobile? We are excited where the developers go with this. NFT games are becoming more and more popular on mobile.

To learn more about Gods Unchained Mobile, you can visit their website. Under the FAQ section of their official website, they have a column dedicated to the Gods Unchained mobile release.

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