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Gogeta SSJ4 in FighterZ – How to Master OP DLC Character

Gogeta SSJ4 in FighterZ – How to Master OP DLC Character

Dragon FighterZ SSJ4 Gogeta is far and away one of the best characters in the game! While you can go with your favourites from the anime, keeping one of the best FigherZ characters in your roster at all times has certain advantages. Gogeta definitely fits that bill.

The fighter is one of the strongest characters in Dragon Ball Cannon, but he’s carried that strength over into this game. If you want to start dominating as Dragon Ball FighterZ SSJ4 Gogeta, this is what you need to know.

Gogeta SSJ4 in FighterZ – How to Master OP DLC CharacterGogeta SSJ4 in FighterZ – How to Master OP DLC Character

Source: Arc System Works

Who is Gogeta SSJ4?

SSJ4 Gogeta in FighterZ, or Gogeta Super Saiyan 4, is a DLC character who has quickly risen to the top of the DBFZ tier lists. In terms of lore, he’s a character from Dragon Ball GT. He’s a fusion of Goku and Vegeta, utilizing the fourth form of Super Saiyan used extensively in that show. As a DLC character, he doesn’t have a major role in the FighterZ story. For esports events though he’s become one of the biggest characters in Fighterz.

Gogeta SSJ4 Strategy

Gogeta is an absolute rushdown character. He’s been designed to be one of the most powerful characters in the game and has a lot of advantages that other characters don’t have. He’s got an extra air dash, a cancellable taunt that buffs, and his Level 7 is a near-unstoppable attack.

Gogeta SSJ4 FighterZGogeta SSJ4 FighterZ

Source: Arc System Works

In terms of strategy, Gogeta players are going to need to have good fundamentals. As a rushdown character, you need to spot your opening and be confident in executing combos to rushdown your opponents and build up to those high-power moves. Gogeta is lacking zoning moves, but he doesn’t really need them. In terms of defence, he has a projectile in lightning hammer that can by him some space. It’s his extra dashes that make him much more mobile though. Gogeta is easily one of the top FighterZ characters right now, although he could change with future DBFZ patches.

Gogeta SSJ4 Combos

There is high potential for getting combo in Dragon Ball FighterZ for SSJ4 Gogeta. Getting these combos down so you can bust them out at any opportunity is vital to improving as a Gogeta FighterZ player. These are some of the main combos to learn.

  • 2M > 5M > jc.MLL2H > SD > j.MLL2H > jc.LLL (4185 Damage)
  • 2M > 5M > jc.MLL2H > SD > j.MLL2H > jc.LLL (4307
  • 2m > 6h-6h >5h >SD >j.LL2H > jc.LMHS >214L (4427)
  • 2M > 5M > jc.M > j.236M > airdash > delay j.m >land >6H > sjc.MLLS > SD >j.LL2H > JC.LMHS > 214L (5107)

Gogeta SSJ4 FighterZGogeta SSJ4 FighterZ

Source: Arc System Works

Top Gogeta SSJ4 Players to Watch

That’s how a lot of the SSJ4 Gogeta FighterZ gameplay can get improved, but looking at the performance of high-level pro players for the character can help even more. These can show the very peak of performance with Gogeta in FighterZ! These are some of the top pros to watch:

  • Kayne
  • Xanxus
  • Neku
  • Fenritti
  • ApologyMan
  • Raptr
Gogeta SSJ4 FighterZGogeta SSJ4 FighterZ

Source: Arc System Works

FighterZ patch notes are still occasionally hitting. So things can change over time. Keep an eye out for updates in fighting game news as they develop to see how it’ll affect Gogeta SSJ4 and adjust your game plan accordingly!


How Do You Get Gogeta SSJ4 in Dragon Ball FighterZ?

Character unlocks for FighterZ aren’t too complicated. However, this one only comes from buying DLC. You’ll need to purchase the character to play as him.

Is SS4 Gogeta the Last DLC?

It does look like Dragon Ball FighterZ last DLC was Gogeta SSJ4. However, we might get a FighterZ 2 in the future.

Who is Stronger Super Saiyan 4 or Super Saiyan Blue Gogeta?

In terms of FighterZ, both are pretty strong characters. Gogeta SSJ4 is higher in most tier lists and feels stronger though. In terms of the source materials canon, it has to go to Blue.


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