Google Pixel Tablet Leak Reveals Specs, Price, and Release Date

Google Pixel Tablet Leak Reveals Specs, Price, and Release Date

Early details regarding Google’s Pixel Tablet have leaked early after a listing for the device went live briefly on the Amazon Japan storefront. Details including the tablet’s price, specifications, and more were shared on the store listing. It’s as close to an official reveal as the Pixel Tablet could get short of Google making the announcement itself. A full official unveiling of the Pixel Tablet is expected to be made in just a few short days as part of the Google I/O 2023 event.


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The Pixel Tablet was officially announced during last year’s Google I/O event, and has even been teased since. At the time, the Pixel Tablet was confirmed for release in 2023, but specific details about the device were held back for a later reveal. What was confirmed was the device would feature a Tensor G2 chip for exceptional performance, that it will feature a speaker dock to make it a hybrid home smart display, and some key features and apps to be included.

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A substantial amount of new information about the Pixel Tablet has now been revealed via an Amazon Japan leak, including the device’s price and specifications. The price of Google’s new hardware as shown on Amazon Japan’s device listing was ¥80,000, which should correlate to around $600 USD. This is for the Pixel Tablet alone and does not include the dock that Google previously revealed. The speaker dock is expected to cost between $100 and $150 more. A release date of June 20 was also shown, which is too late for Mother’s Day but still not too far away.

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Specifications for the Pixel Tablet are impressive. The model on Amazon Japan featured an 11-inch LCD screen supporting 1260×16000 resolution. Along with the Tensor G2 chipset, the Pixel Tablet will also feature 8GB of RAM and a baseline 128GB of storage. An upgrade to 256GB is offered, though its price wasn’t clear. The Pixel Tablet will also include two cameras, both 8 megapixels, with one on the back of the device and one facing forward. Lastly, a 27Wh battery is included, which should last around half a day of standard use.

The price point and hardware capabilities of the Pixel Tablet should make clear that this isn’t an entry-level device, but it isn’t outrageously expensive, either. Google is perhaps hoping to offer a more affordable product than what Apple asks for its high-end tablets. This isn’t Google’s first tablet, with the Pixel Slate launching in 2018, but the Pixel Tablet has its work cut out for itself cutting into the current oversaturated tablet market.

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To be clear, the information from the Amazon Japan listing is not officially confirmed. It can perhaps be assumed to be as close to official as can be, but until Google fully unveils launch plans for the Pixel Tablet everything could change. That reveal is expected during the Google I/O event on May 10, where not only the Pixel Tablet but also the Pixel Fold and Pixel 7a phones are expected to be shown. Stay tuned for more information on Google’s Pixel Tablet later this week.

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