Google Reveals Pixel Fold Phone

Google Reveals Pixel Fold Phone

Google officially reveals its first foldable device in the form of the new Pixel Fold phone, which will be featured at an upcoming keynote.

Google made an official announcement for the all-new Pixel Fold device, the company’s first foldable Pixel phone. The Google Pixel Fold appears to be the company’s direct competitor to the popular Galaxy Z Fold series by Samsung.

Last October, Google officially revealed its Pixel 7 and 7 Pro phones to the public. The latest generation of Pixel phones came with several enticing features including 72-hour battery life, face recognition software, and Clear Calling. These devices are powered by the in-house Google Tensor G2 processor with a Titan M2 chip designed for security purposes. However, some customers were left to wonder if Google would directly compete with the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold and Flip series of foldable phones. Nearly a year later, Google has officially announced its first foldable phone.


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The official Made by Google Twitter account reveals the Google Pixel Fold phone in two different colors. The first Google Pixel Fold phone is a sleek silver model, which is shown in its compact folded state. Further, a dark black Google Pixel Fold phone is depicted in its unfolded state, revealing the phone’s vibrant display while running the latest version of Android OS. A launch date for the new Pixel Fold phone was not announced, but Google promises to share more information at a major event on May 10. Additionally, Google launched its official store page for the Pixel Fold device.

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Google’s official store page for the Pixel Fold phone allows customers to sign up for more updates, tips, and offers regarding upcoming product launches. The newly launched page confirms the Pixel Fold device will be featured during the annual Google I/O keynote on May 10 at 1 p.m. EDT. This keynote will likely reveal multiple new features for the Google Pixel Fold alongside pricing, a potential launch date, and a date for pre-orders. Fans may tune into the keynote by visiting Google’s official social media channels, including its official YouTube channel.

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Google’s announcement of the Pixel Fold quickly garnered excitement online due to the phone’s sleek, foldable design. Moreover, the announcement means Google is finally competing with the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip and Fold phones, so tech enthusiasts hope the competition between Google and Samsung will bring even better products in the future. Pricing and features will be key factors toward Pixel Fold’s success, however.

The upcoming Google I/O 2023 keynote is expected to showcase more new products alongside the Pixel Fold phone. These new products may include a next-generation Google Pixel Watch device or another Pixel model, but Google has not confirmed any more details regarding the keynote.

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