Honkai Star Rail: How to complete the Guide Paradox mission – Dexerto

Honkai Star Rail: How to complete the Guide Paradox mission – Dexerto

Have you been stumped on where to find all the video tapes for the Guide Paradox mission in Honkai Star Rail? Here is your guide on where to find all of them, and how to unlock the mission in the first place. 

Honkai Star Rail has finally rolled out, and in just a matter of days, has set the gaming industry ablaze. From the creators of Genshin Impact, this whole new gacha game for fans to explore boasts a whole cast of characters, gameplay mechanics, and stories. 

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But just like Genshin, there is a wide world to get lost in, with stories that don’t always involve its turn-based combat system. One such piece of content is the Guide Paradox mission. 

The Guide Paradox mission sees you go on a pretty convoluted scavenger hunt for videotapes, so here is a guide on how to unlock the mission, and where to find the tapes in Honkai Star Rail. 


You can find Esther at the Master Control Zone, and she will ask for your help to retrieve the tapes.

How to unlock the Guide Paradox mission in Honkai Star Rail

To unlock the Guide Paradox mission, you will need to read a message from Arlan. In the message, he will seek your help to find a stolen videotape. But to get the specific message to unlock the mission, you will first need to complete Asta’s Companion mission. 

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Right after accepting the mission, you will need to make your way to the Central Passage space anchor at the Master Control Zone. Follow the quest navigation towards the northeast of the map until you see an elderly person on top of the stairs. That’s Esther. 

Once you talk to Esther, she will ask you to help her find three videotapes. And to find them is relatively simple. 

Where to find Esther’s videotapes in Honkai Star Rail

All three tapes can be found in the Supply Zone, with points on the map guiding where to find each one. Here are all the places you can find each tape in:

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  • Doomsday tape: East of Spare Parts Warehouse space anchor
  • Justice tape: On top of a desk north of the Railway Platform space anchor
  • Dim Blue Dot tape: In the same room as the Justice tape

The Dim Blue Dot videotape can be found in the same room as the Justice tape

After retrieving all the tapes, your character will watch all of the tapes and pass out, before eventually waking up at the medical bay. You will need to follow Joanne upon waking up, eventually meeting Sheila, who has short-term memory loss, and Gunn.

The mission will then extend into helping Joanne and Sheila,  with Sheila asking you to find a place for her memories. Afterward, you will need to follow the waypoint, making your way to the Electrical Room in the Supply Zone and entering the room on your left. Located north of the map. 

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In the room, you will need to check the monitor on the right side of the room, which is the only interactable object. There is an enemy in the room, but you don’t need to fight them unless provoked. 


You will need to check the monitor in the room

It’s after doing this you should seek out Joanne and Sheila, and confront Gunn about the truth about Sheila. She is an android created by him in the image of his dead lover. Android Sheila discovered her identity as Gunn attempted to “fix” her, which kick-started the whole mission. 

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It’s there you have three choices: 

  • Please tell Sheila the truth – This ending sees you telling Sheila her origins, which leads her to dream of her “previous” life, leading the android to have an existential crisis which causes her cognitive module to overload because of the emotional stress.
  • Please “fix” Sheila’s cognition – This ending sees android Sheila “fixed”, as she greets you once again as if you have never met because all traces of her origin discovery and you meeting her has been wiped. 
  • Please destroy Sheila – This ending sees android Sheila destroyed. Or at least nowhere to be found afterward, which leads Joanna to wonder if Gunn really did destroy the android. 

Regardless of the decision, you will need to make your way back to Esther to give back the found tapes. After which she will tell you a story about a researcher who witnessed his lover dying alone due to a lack of oxygen in deep space. 

Esther rewards you with 100 Trailblazer Experience, 30 Stellar Jades, 3 Adventure Logs, 50 Hertareum, and 5000 credits. 


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