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How to Get Starwatch Cosmetics in Overwatch 2

How to Get Starwatch Cosmetics in Overwatch 2

New Overwtach 2 Starwatch Event Brings Free Cosmetics

We’ve got details of the next event to hit Overwatch2, Starwatch. This is a big happening in Overwatch Season 4 that’s going to give you a chance to grab some free skins in the game starting from today. Players can unlock a free Epic Wrecking Ball skin, by completing these simple challenges.

Starwatch Event

How to Get Starwatch Cosmetics in Overwatch 2How to Get Starwatch Cosmetics in Overwatch 2

Source: Blizzard

The new Starwatch event is a sci-fi-themed event for Overwatch 2. It’s going to have a larger OW 2 PvE component, but still, plenty of PvP challenges here too. There are some opportunities to grab some free skins as well as play through the new content.

A new game mode is going to be central to the event. It’s called Galactic Rescue. It has challenges which you can complete to unlock the cosmetics. You’ll also get XP to keep getting through that Season 4 Battle Pass too though!

How to Get the Free Wrecking Ball Skin

The new skin is going to be for Wrecking Ball, with a bit of an alien look. He has purple skin, blank eyes, and a different color scheme for his mech! You’ll be able to unlock the skin by completing these events in-game. These are all of the Starwacth event quests and rewards in Overwatch 2:

  • Complete Orbit – Complete 5 Starwatch Event Challenges – Hammond Astroid Skin + 30,000 XP
  • Starwatch Veteran – Weapon Charm and 2,500 XP
  • Big Bang – Destroy 3 Gravity Canisters – Spray and 2,500 XP
  • Quantum Life – Resurrect a Teammate – Sigma Voice Line and 2,500 XP
  • Zero Gravity – Stay airborne in low gravity for 4 seconds – Spray and 2,500 XP
  • Protostar – Complete 4 Games – 2,500 XP
  • Shoot for the Stars – Complete 8 Games – 2,500 XP
  • Rebel of the Galaxy – Complete 12 Games – Doomfist Voice Line and 2,500 XP
  • Hero of the Galaxy – Complete 16 Games – Get Hammond’s Wish and 2,500 XP

Most of these are fairly simple. The hardest might be staying in low gravity for four seconds. For this one of the quests, all you need to do is switch to one of the Overwatch 2 Heroes with more air mobility like Mercy or Sojourn. The ones for completing games are also cumulative, so each game counts for all of them. You don’t need to do 8, then 12, then 16. You just need to do 16 games in total to get to the top tier.

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It’s a similar unlock system to other recent events, like the Lifeweaver skin that hit recently if you’re still playing the newest Overwatch hero. You can play through these challenges as soon as the Overwatch 2 Starwatch event starts. It’s running through to May 22, so you’ll have to grab it quickly if you want to unlock everything.

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