How to unlock Safehouses in Redfall – Dexerto

How to unlock Safehouses in Redfall – Dexerto

If you’re looking for sanctuary in Redfall’s Safehouses then you’ll need to know the trick. Fortunately for you, we know just what you need to do to take refuge and give yourself a breather from vicious vampires.

Redfall makes use of a lot of handy features found in games of this nature. You can use fast travel to zip around the town of Redfall faster, but Safehouses provide you with a home away from home.

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In these locations, you can put the weapons away for a second and kick back. Not only that, but you can also obtain unique quests from these hot spots too. All-in-all, you should be going out of your way to find Safehouses, but it may not be obvious how to open them.

If you’re struggling with Safehouses in Redfall, our guide should give you some useful tips.

redfall town mapredfall town mapArkane Studios

The Old Town Safehouse is one of the many Safehouses in the game.

How to open Safehouses in Redfall

If you come across one of Redfall’s many Safehouses, you can unlock them by turning on a nearby generator to provide power to the establishment.

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Each Safehouse is unique though, so don’t expect the process to be exactly the same each time. For the most part though, in the vicinity of the Safehouse you should spot some power cables/wires leading from the house to a spot not far away.

Follow these electrical conductors and you’ll either be able to waltz up to the generator and turn it on without a fuss, or you might have to defeat some enemies or traverse tricky obstacles.

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Once you’ve done that, the Safehouse will permanently become fast-travel friendly. As we alluded to earlier as well, there is usually a special quest that you can pick up inside the Safehouse too.

You should now have the knowledge to open up Safehouses in Redfall. If you are in need of some more guides and assistance with the game, check out some of the other articles we’ve created to help you out:

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