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HyperX Arena Naming Rights Renewed by HyperX and Allied Esports

HyperX Arena Naming Rights Renewed by HyperX and Allied Esports

HyperX and Allied Esports Renew Las Vegas Arena Naming Rights

HyperX and Allied Esports have, this week, renewed their landmark naming rights agreement. The HyperX Arena in Las Vegas, one of the premier esports destinations, will remain sponsored by the two companies going forward. What’s more, HP gaming gear will be outfitting the gaming zones for visitors to the arena.

HyperX is one of the leading gaming peripheral companies, a team at HP. Allied Esports is a subsidiary of Allied Gaming. Together, these two brands will remain the name of one of the biggest esports arenas for quite a while to come.

They’ve announced that they’ve renewed their agreement for naming the HyperX Esports Arena. The esports destination in Las Vegas will remain named after the company going forward. The company has come to a multi-year deal which will keep its name on the stadium.

HyperX Arena Naming Rights Renewed by HyperX and Allied EsportsHyperX Arena Naming Rights Renewed by HyperX and Allied Esports

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HyperX and Allied Esports Renew Naming Rights for HyperX Arena

The HyperX Arena is one of the biggest locations for esports and gaming. It is the destination for gaming and esports on the Las Vegas Strip. It’s the home to numerous esports events, like League of Legends All Stars. Even outside of esports, it’s had major names involved. Ludwig, Mr. Beast, and Ninja have all held events at the Arena. That’s as well as putting on events involving other areas of gaming culture. This is a huge deal that will keep HyperX as a central part of Las Vegas esports.

Talking about renewing the deal, Daniel Kelley, the director of marketing for HyperX, said “HyperX is excited to retain the naming rights sponsorships of the HyperX Arena Las Vegas and continue our commitment and dedication to esports and the gaming community.”

“Allied Esports is a key partner for us, with their ability to deliver a best-in-class esports destination in a city that has become nationally known for its esports, sports and entertainment.”

Allied Esports President and CEO Yinghua Chen said “As a top provider of gaming peripherals worldwide, HyperX has been an incredible partner to work with over the years.”. “We’re thrilled to renew and expand our partnership with both HyperX and HP teams. At Allied, we remain dedicated to delivering unparalleled gaming entertainment experiences through our highly engaging esports tournaments, gaming events and original content for our growing community of gamers.”

Another part of the naming rights deal will see HP technology outfit the Arena. Their Omen PCs and minors will be used to enhance the gaming zones in the arena. This lets all visitors play on esports-level devices. HyperX will also be providing peripherals like Gaming Headsets, Keyboards, and mice.


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