ImperialHal claims PS5 controller is “way better” in Apex Legends but he can’t use it – Dexerto

ImperialHal claims PS5 controller is “way better” in Apex Legends but he can’t use it – Dexerto

Apex Legends star Philip ‘ImperialHal’ Dosen believes the PS5 controller has a significant advantage over the Xbox controller, however, he can’t actually use it. 

Just like many other cross-platform games, there has been a raging debate in Apex Legends between players who use keyboard and mouse, and those who use a controller. 

For those using a KB/M, they’ve been frustrated with the ‘soft aimbot’ that controller aim assist gives players in-game, while on the flip side, controller players have repeatedly pulled their hair out at the movement skills of PC players.

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Controller usage has even taken over competitive play in the last few months, with TSM’s ImperialHal winning MVP during ALGS playoffs while using it. While the kill leaderboards had also previously been dominated by controller players in ALGS events, Hal stood alone among the PC peripheral users in his win.  

ImperialHal gives PS5 controller big advantage over rivals in Apex Legends

Given the wide range of controllers on the markets, players have plenty of options – from the stock Sony and Microsoft offerings to custom controllers. Though, Hal believes the PS5 controller stands above the rest, even if he can’t actually use it himself. 

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“I’ve been trying to play on PS5 controller. Listen, the PS5 controller is f*cking broken, like it’s so good when it comes to input delay. There is such a big difference between PS5 input delay compared to Xbox, like, it’s way better,” Hal said during a recent stream. 

“But, the shape and the size of it does not fit my hand. My movement is not good on PS5 controller because my fingers can’t wrap around the controller, so my hands are uncomfortable. So, my movement suffers.”

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The TSM star added that the Xbox controller would have a “huge advantage” if the input delay between the two was the same, but, for whatever reason, that isn’t the case. 

While he hasn’t retired, Hal did recently note that he’d be cutting back on how Apex he plays. When he does return, expect him to be back on a controller.


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