Japanese Final Fantasy 16 Trailer Says Typhon Is An Eikon

Japanese Final Fantasy 16 Trailer Says Typhon Is An Eikon

Final Fantasy 16 got another trailer last night, revealing the ninth Eikon to face Clive in battle. Typhon returns not as a toothy pink demon with a mouth for a butt, but actually as a more humanoid demon with long, clawed arms and a generally dour demeanor.

You can see the new Typhon in the Japanese “Eikon Battle” trailer posted to Square Enix’s YouTube last night. He’s only seen briefly using slow and powerful swings of his long purple arms in a fight against Ifrit, Clive’s Eikon.

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This would be the ninth Eikon to join the ranks of Final Fantasy 16. So far, we have Clive Rosfield, the player character and the Dominant containing Ifrit; Joshua Rosfield, the Dominant of the Phoenix; Jill Warrick, the Dominant of Shiva; Cidolus Telamon, the Dominant of Ramuh; Benedikta Harman, the Dominant of Garuda; Hugo Kupka, the Dominant of Titan; Dion Lesage, the Dominant of Bahamut; and Barnabas Tharmr, the Dominant of Odin. All are based on classic Final Fantasy summons. However, don’t know who will be the Dominant for Typhon just yet.


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One fan theory is that it’ll be the Lord Commander of the Kingdom of Waloed, a character briefly seen next to Barnabus in the Awakening trailer. There is a certain physical resemblance to both Typhon and the portrait of this character, but Twitch streamer Audrey thinks he’ll turn out to be the Dominant of Sleipnir, Odin’s Horse, because he and Barnabas are both from Waloed.

It’s good to see Final Fantasy 16 can still have some mysteries even as it divulges more and more in trailers leading up to its June 22 release. Some fans are calling on Square Enix to go dark prior to the game’s release as so much information has already been shown. The latest State of Play trailer, for example, had huge story spoilers for Clive and Joshua explaining their origins and the sad state of the Grand Duchy of Rosaria.

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Elsewhere in that trailer, players noted that there seems to be a callback to another Square Enix franchise in Final Fantasy 16’s combat. Fans noted that one scene showed Clive firing a bunch of electric projectiles at an enemy, with the lock-on mechanic looking a lot like Kingdom Hearts’ Shotlock. This isn’t too big of a surprise as Kingdom Hearts’ development team helped create some aspects of Final Fantasy 16’s combat.

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Final Fantasy 16 arrives on June 22.

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