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KRÜ Esports make VCT history for the wrong reasons – Egaxo

KRÜ Esports make VCT history for the wrong reasons – Egaxo

KRÜ Esports have made VCT history as the Argentine organization’s team played the shortest match ever in VCT Americas in their 2-0 loss to Leviatán.

KRÜ Esports have not had a great time in the inaugural VCT Americas split. The South American team has yet to record a victory in league play and, with two matches left, is already out of the running for a spot in the playoffs.

To add insult to injury, KRÜ Esports made VCT America’s history in its May 7 matchup against fellow South American side Leviatán. KRÜ lost the series 2-0, 13-4 on Haven and 13-4 on Split, in what was the fastest match in the league so far.

Only an hour and a half went by between the two teams walking onto the VCT stage and Leviatán taking their victory photo, and that includes broadcast breaks in between maps and the half-time analysis segments. It was even shorter than the Week 4 match between Leviatán and MIBR, which had one round fewer.

KRÜ Esports setting the wrong records in VCT Americas

KRÜ have tried to put its season back together by subbing in the young Brazilian talent Carlos ‘axeddy’ Alberto over Santiago ‘DaveeyS’ Ruiz. Two matches in, the move has not yielded results yet.

The Argentine organization is not used to this kind of failure in Valorant as the team attended every international tournament in 2021 and 2022. The squad dominated the South American region and was a cut above every other team in that time period. At Valorant Champions 2021, it even finished in the top four.

With KRÜ mathematically out of playoff contention in VCT Americas, the team will miss its first international tournament, VCT Masters Tokyo, and will have to wait for the Americas last-chance qualifier for a shot at attending Valorant Champions 2023.


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