Dimensional Descent

Chapter 2860 Analysis
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Chapter 2860 Analysis

Leonel stood in the skies with his hands spread wide. He looked focused, but his mind was actually reeling in shock.

There was a great amount of pressure being placed on him, but what surprised him the most was how truly... easy it all was.

Yes, even his own mind was being overloaded. Even so, this wasn't necessarily because he was fusing the Zones into one. In fact, felt that he could actually do this with a thought and then let the Tablet handle the rest.

The overload of his mind was coming from all the options the tablet was giving him.

He realized at that point that while his deductions were correct... they weren't nearly correct enough. It was almost to the point of irony.

Not only could he fuse these Zones, he could change and tweak aspects of them, change variables, warp the personalities of those within...

The list felt endless, and it was precisely because of this that he was being so thoroughly overwhelmed.

It was like the Life Tablet was treating the Zones like a blank slate to be drawn on. It hardly even considered the people inside to be real at all.

That was when the realization hit Leonel.

The Valiant Heart Zone... its people... hadn't the Silver Tablet treated them so casually as well? Hadn't they treated lives so cheaply that they could be directly resurrected when he so pleased just in exchange for a little bit of energy?

Did that also mean that a Wise Star Order had created the Valiant Heart Zone? Why? And for what purpose?

He thought about everything the Zone had taught him...

It was its existence that made him find purpose and decide to be a King... before then; he was just aimlessly meandering through life because the influence of his future self was far too strong.

But it was also because of this Zone that he had realized that life wasn't so cheap. He couldn't casually bring people back to life, because in a lot of ways, after dying once, the person he had come to know was already gone.

The first lesson had given him a reason to keep going, even if he didn't have Aina in his life. If not for this purpose of being a King, after Aina broke up with him, who knew what he might have done? Would he have done something he regretted for the rest of his life? Would he even be here at all...?

And the second lesson... what kind of carnage would he have caused if he still insisted on resurrecting his father?

He still remembered back then he swore to trigger a cataclysm just for the sake of starting another Timeless Event. How many people would he have killed? Would he have ruined the Human Race again before it even got a chance to rise back up?

These memories came flooding back to Leonel and he couldn't help but wonder...

Was someone guiding him?

Leonel could only push those thoughts away because what was happening right now was too profound.

He hadn't been ready for this at all.

Should he keep the Zones the same? Should he tweak them? Was there a benefit to tweaking them? Should he fuse them and then tweak them or tweak them as is?

The information flooding his mind was so overwhelming, and Leonel had truly been caught with his pants down this time.

It was like he had gorged himself on a great steak, only to not have enough room to enjoy a Wagyu A5 cut he hadn't expected.

Had his plan worked? Yes. But he didn't realize until now that he could have plotted for an even better path until right now.

He didn't have the time to analyze to exactly what the best path to take was, and the worst part was that he felt if he did choose the perfect path, he would be able to cut away several steps he would have otherwise needed to bring this Incomplete World to the peak of perfection.

The moment the Barbarian Race noticed that the Zones were about to fuse and that their protective gateways had become useless, they would almost certainly rush here at their fastest speed.

He had at most a few minutes, at worst a few seconds.

His mind simply wasn't strong enough yet to analyze all of these variables.

He spiralled, ready to grit his teeth and just follow through, not the plan he had to begin with when he froze.

"Anastasia, analyze this for me!"

Before the little World Spirit could respond, Leonel began to pass on a great deal of information to her.

As he did so, he began to rapid fire several parameters he wanted her to focus on.

"... Focus on the Forces that most align with this Incomplete World to your understanding... Prioritize evolution, Hyper Evolution preferably... diagnose whether Water Force is a natural powerhouse of this Zone or not. If so, focus on it. If not, reject it outright... The Cloud Race... Ignore the Human Race... Find what other Races might have been superior here and focus on them..."

The string of thoughts came out of Leonel's mouth faster than most could understand. It even sounded like he was rambling.

Even so, for Anastasia, it was almost too easy.

Leonel was nowhere near being capable of mapping out a whole Incomplete World in just three days, but it was a simple task for Anastasia and she never seem overloaded.

On top of that, Anastasia had always been capable of grasping far more details with his Internal Sight than Leonel's mind could withstand. That was why he always had her dumb it down.

And now, he had realized maybe a bit too late that she was the perfect analytical tool.

"... Double check all the Zones you've mapped. If they are useful, let me know and I will fuse them..."

Leonel finished giving his orders out in not even a second, and he felt that the world was about to collapse.

The Barbarian Race was coming.

Unfortunately for them, Anastasia had already begun to give him a string of information.

The Life Tablet trembled and Leonel's gaze burned bright.

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