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Chapter 171.2

Melheis concentrated his magic power, and black mud came out from the dark sludge. IT swallowed the flames of <Hell Flame Annihilation Mortar Jio Graze> clinging to his body, and extinguished them in an instant.

You are part of royalty, yet you betray us, Nihid? You havent forgotten that treason against Avos Dilhevia-sama means death, now have you (Melheis)

Treason? Nihid? What are you talking about? (Nihid)

He took one step at a time, then raised his voice.

My name is Davidra! My one and only master is Anos Vildigoad! Always was, always will be! And what about you? Have you forgotten that it was Anos-sama who gave you life, Melheis!? (Nihid/Davidra)

Davidra kicked the ground and drew the demon sword hanging at his waist.

But before his sword could strike Melheis, the dark sludge blocked it.

All demons from two thousand years ago should have sworn allegiance to Avos Dilhevia Why would you betray someone of such popularity? (Melheis)

Its about time you come to your senses, Melheis. Thanks to Avos Dilhevias reckless brainwashing, cracks and inconsistencies have appeared here and there. (Davidra)

Davidra was a demon from two thousand years ago, but those who reincarnated left their own source behind, and turned into completely different people. It appeared that since he couldnt be defined as one of my subordinates from two thousand years ago, Avos Dilhevias brainwashing on him was weakened.

What difference does it make if he gains just one more ally? Gaios! Execute a student in white, any one of them! (Melheis)

Gaios, with his enormous physique, held the Supreme Demon Sword Grajetian in his hand.

Hmph! Well then, Ill make that traitor watch the death of his student as punishment for defying Avos Dilhevia-sama. (Gaios)

No Dont! (Female student)

The female student in white gave him a frightened look.

Die. (Gaios)

He swung down Grajetian, which could slice even a mountain, on the arena ground without question.

With a resounding detonation, a crater-like hole appeared in the ground.

Didnt leave a single trace of her, huh. (Gaios)

As Gaios muttered that, a voice echoed from behind him.

Oh boy. All I did was move a little faster, and that was enough for you to lose sight of me? (Female student)

What the!? (Gaios)

Gaios turned around.

Behind him was the same white-uniform girl who seemed so afraid of him earlier.

<Hell Flame Annihilation Mortar Jio Graze>. (Female student)

She drew magic circles in front of her, and three jet-black suns emerged from them.

They engulfed Gaios instantly, and violently burst into flames.

Ugh! Guoooh!? This cant be!! (Gaios)

Swinging around his Supreme Demon Sword coated in dark sludge, Gaios extinguished the black suns with anti-magic.

Shes just a white-uniform, yet she managed to fire three <Hell Flame Annihilation Mortar Jio Graze> at the same time!? (Gaios)

Nice to meet you, Gaios-san. I didnt get the chance to say hello to you two thousand years ago, did I? My name is Nate Armelka, Im a loyal servant of Anos Voldigoad-sama. Also (Female student/Nate Armelka)

As she raised her hand, two white-uniform and three black-uniform each fired <Hell Flame Annihilation Mortar Jio Graze> at the remaining five Demon Elders.

Guooh!! (Ivis)

Impossible! (Ydol)

Each of my subordinates, who mustve reincarnated from two thousand years ago, confronted the Seven Demon Elders.

This is a pointless struggle, Davidra-dono. Though you may be demons from two thousand years ago, you are no match for me under the influence of <Dark Region Demon King Army Demera Gyze>. (Melheis)

Repelling the <Hell Flame Annihilation Mortar Jio Graze> fired by Davidra with anti-magic, Melheis unleashed the origin spell <Magic Black Thunder Emperor Jirasd>.

The jet-black lightning, which swelled up with a crackling noise, struck Davidra with such force that it seeed to blow away everything in the arena.

Guh! Uuooohh! (Davidra)

Just before the <Magic Black Thunder Emperor Jirasd> spell could break through Davidras anti-magic


Igareth rammed into Melheis from his blind spot with all his might, and fired a <Great Holy Flame of Domination Cyphio> at close range.

Unable to defend against it, Melheis flinched.

His <Magic Black Thunder Emperor Jirasd> bolt flew in the wrong direction, destroying part of the spectator stands into pieces.

Ngh! (Melheis)

Unable to resist, Melheis leapt backwards to shake Igareth off, and took some distance.

Do you have a demon sword? (Igareth)

When Igareth asked, Davidra pulled a demon sword from his magic circle, and handed it to him.

He readied it, and stood shoulder-to-shoulder with Davidra.

The latter addressed him while glaring at Melheis.

Why did you save me? Surely you havent forgotten what I did to you two thousand years ago. (Davidra)

When he heard that, Igareth smiled.

Likewise, you havent forgotten what the humans did two thousand years ago, have you? (Igareth)

Davidra fell silent for a moment, then drew a magic circle.

I discarded my hatred two thousand years ago! (Davidra)

He fired his <Hell Flame Annihilation Mortar Jio Graze>, and together with Igareth, they closed in on Melheis.

Davidra, who once tried to execute Igareth, saved him today.

And now, they were fighting for peace, side by side.

Indeed, the past had changed.

It could be changed.

How impertinent. (Melheis)

Melheis also fired <Hell Flame Annihilation Mortar Jio Graze> to counter the other one. Following up with his origin spell <Magic Black Thunder Emperor Jirasd>, he shot one bolt at Igareth and Davidra.


The black lightning bolt that shouldve definitely struck them both vanished without a trace.

What in the!? (Melheis)

It was then that Sasha flew into the sky. She broke through the magic barrier, and unleashed her Magic Eyes of Destruction from a height where she could see the entire arena.

The rebels subordinates Theyve finally revealed themselves! (Melheis)

Melheis kicked the ground and headed toward Sasha.

Ice cat. Mishas monotone voice echoed.

Melheis Magic Eyes were directed at the sky far above.

What he saw was a castle.

Another Demon Castle was floating above Delsgade.

A Delsgade created with the <Creative Construction Ibis> spell. It manifested the pseudo-power of a goddess.

The Magic Eyes of Crea!? (Melheis)

By the time Melheis realized what happened, it was already too late.

The Seven Demon Elders, who were distracted by the demons from two thousand years ago who entered the scene, and those who were brainwashed by Avos Dilhevia, were transformed into ice cats by Mishas Magic Eyes of Creation, leaving them unable to do anything.

The students in white, who were scheduled to be executed immediately, were released by Misha and the others.

I disconnected my Magic Eyes from Mishas vision, and observed the Throne Room.

Avos Dilhevia was staring at the arena through the crystal with cold eyes.

Sasha was using her Magic Eyes of Destruction to block the effects of <Dark Region Demera> on her group.

The battle of the arena was already settled.

The basic principle of the art of war is to conquer the few with the many. Its quite the textbook example of a battle. I said to Avos Dilhevia, who had her eyes on me.

The problem is, you wanted to play chess on the assumption that none of your pieces would get captured, but unfortunately, I dont know the rules of this game. Whether its chess or anything else, Ill take your pieces by force. (Anos)

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