Saga of Atlantis

Chapter 62 kraken’s domain 3
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62 kraken's domain 3

[3rd person POV]

Eden began to travel slowly towards the end of the bridge after the heated struggle with the electric eels on the bridge.

He descended deeper into Kraken's Domain, the radiant orb guiding his steps as he approached the dungeon's second floor.

"Should I use it now?"

Eden mumbles to himself, his gaze darting about the area, looking for anything that could endanger him. Because of the previous battle, the majority of the electric eels have moved to that location to consume the deceased eels for their own growth, making the entire area relatively secure and silent.

{Void breathing}

He inhaled deeply, the silence surrounding him growing louder as he began to activate the mana arts. A tingling sensation spread across his body as the mana surged within him.

The Phoenix Race's mana arts were nothing short of miraculous.

As soon as he triggered it, his entire body trembled slightly, and his entire skin began to gently absorb the mana from his surroundings into his body.

That is what makes the Phoenix race's mana arts extremely effective.

They could take mana from the surroundings in this way, eliminating the need for repeated breaths in stillness or even meditation, as humans need to do to restore their mana reserves.

Their entire bodies served as mana filters, allowing them to replenish their mana reserves even while fighting or resting.

Both the Phoenix and Dragon races are known as divine beasts because they have the capacity to harvest mana via their skin as a passive skill.

Nonetheless, the dragons were the slightly superior race of these two divine beings. They were the peerless giants of this magical realm.

Their presence attested to their inherent strength and blessed relationship with mana.

Even the youngest dragon, with scales still glistening from birth, is more powerful than the vast majority of humanity.

The apex predators of this strange realm, the dragons, ruled over their domain.

The advantage was obvious to Eden. While he couldn't use the mana arts as effortlessly or to their full capacity as a true Phoenix, his development on the road of magic would be unrivaled due to his innate connection to the essence of the Phoenix.

"Is Sylvia really crazy?"

Eden's thoughts drifted to Sylvia and the remarkable gifts she had bestowed upon him as he continued on his way. What she'd done for him was insane. First, she had given him her very own blood essence, a priceless gift that served as a second shot at life, guaranteeing he did not die prematurely in the face of danger.


Eden's thoughts drifted to Sylvia and the remarkable gifts she had bestowed upon him as he continued on his way. What she'd done for him was insane. First, she had given him her very own blood essence, a priceless gift that served as a second shot at life, guaranteeing he did not die prematurely in the face of danger.

There were also the Mana Arts. It was a priceless work of art. What's more, Sylvia hadn't shared this information with her original disciple in the game, the heroine Elysia.

But, considering her position, she's unlikely to face any consequences, probably?

Eden felt the familiar sensation of his mana reserves progressively filling with each measured step. His mana stores had swelled to half full by the time he reached the end of the first floor.

The overpowering reverberation of nature's force hit him as he stepped forward onto the entrance of the second floor.

The roar of waterfalls encircled him, their thunderous echoes echoing across the vast expanse. It was a magnificent melody of water and stone that enveloped his senses.

"Was this staircase made for a giant or something?"

Eden's gaze was pulled downward to the wide staircase that extended between the tumbling waterfalls on either side. Each step appeared to be double his height, a difficult ascent for anyone of lower resolve. With no other options, he proceeded on a daring expedition down the gigantic staircase.

Eden leaps from one massive step to the next. The waterfalls continued to roar, their thunderous noise echoing throughout the immense chamber.

"This place sure is huge" .

Eden's appreciation for the domain's sheer size rose as he descended. The secret world felt like a realm lost in time, where darkness reigned and the limits of reality were tested.

Eden encountered new challenges on the second floor. The topography here was made up of isolated bits of land that rose from the murky waters on a regular basis.

He proceeded slowly from one platform to the next, guided by the warm glow of his glowing orb that penetrated through the darkness.

Eden was engulfed in a dense and utter darkness, like an impenetrable cloak. The waterfall in the background made it difficult to hear anything around him.

Each step he took felt like a trek into the unknown, with no way of knowing what dangers awaited him beneath the murky depths.

Eden's sharp senses were on high alert as he hopped from one stone to the next. The darkness in the water made him feel uneasy all the time. He was well aware that danger lurked in the shadows.

Then it happened.

One of the massive crustaceans came out of the murky waters with a sharp snap. It raced for Eden, jaws gaping, ravenous for flesh, its mighty claws snapping menacingly.

Eden had barely time to react. He propelled himself to the side in a quick and nimble maneuver, narrowly evading the monster's snapping jaws.

His heart pounded as he landed on another rough platform and prepared his spear for battle.

The gigantic crustacean turned to face Eden, its eyes flashing with malice. It was a combat-bred monster, and it wasn't about to back down from its prey.


The massive crustacean charged with a piercing shriek, its gigantic claws poised to strike. Eden remembered his prior confrontations with electric eels and wasn't counting only on battle skills.

{Aura Arts: Eclipsing Void}

Eden channeled his aura, stimulating his muscles and preparing himself for the impending battle with one foot in front, his body bowed, and his spear held high. His body was strengthened, ready to withstand the pain of the clash.

{First form: Voidlance}

His spear traveled with breakneck speed, as if it were a part of the void itself. It quickly met the huge claws head-on, smashing them and exposing the creature's sensitive flesh.

Recognizing its impending loss, the enormous crustacean attempted to escape and reorganize. Eden, on the other hand, took advantage of the situation and attacked with precision. With a powerful thrust, he pierced the creature's hardened exoskeleton and drove the crystal point deep into its flesh.


The beast screamed in agony, its claws weakly falling to its sides. It stumbled to the ground, lifeless and defeated, with one last faint struggle.

But he didn't let down his guard; he saw how the creature tried to flee into the water.

As he surveyed the area with his eyes, he noticed several little bubbles, as if they had emerged from the depths in reaction to his unease—a swarm of huge crustaceans with powerful claws and plated exoskeletons.

The shortest ones are slightly over 2 meters tall. They noticed him at the same time.

When they did, they began screeching at each other, as if they were conversing.

Their clicking, chitinous shells echoed through the watery room as they approached Eden with a menacing purpose.

Eden knew he was in for a fight of massive scale. The enormous crabs were massive, and with the odds stacked against him, Eden braced himself for the impending battle.

{Aura Arts: Eclipsing Void}

He took a battle stance with one foot in front, his upper body dropped, and his spear held high without hesitation. The aura within him swelled once more.

The massive crustaceans closed in, their claws ready to strike. However, Eden had no intention of fighting them with brute force.

{First form: Voidlance}

He moved his spear with incredible speed, colliding with the huge claws.

The impact was enormous. The once-dangerous claws crumbled without effort, exposing the creature's flesh beneath.

The enormous crustaceans screamed in agony, but Eden was not finished. He knew the importance of precision in battle.

He channeled the entire aura into his hand with one rapid movement, and with one wide arc of his spear, he targeted the creatures' hardened exoskeletons, piercing them with the crystal tip of his spear.

They dropped to the ground, one by one, defeated.

"Arghhhhh, fuck"

Eden's hot spear dropped from his trembling grasp, its crystalline point clattering against the rocky ground as the final enormous crustacean was defeated.

His battle-scarred hands bore the weight of the participation, shaking from the enormous power he had harnessed in his last, decisive move.

The Aura Arts had taken their toll on him, and his hands bore the scars of their toil—minor fractures that pulsed with pain.

Eden recognized that putting his entire aura into his hands had been a risky decision.

It had offered him a swift win, but at a physical cost.

The anguish that echoed through his cracked hands reminded him of the ferocity of the battle he had just fought.


With a deep breath, he took a healing potion from his inventory and drank it all at once.

He then gently recovered his spear and began to go ahead.

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