Magic: The Gathering’s Doctor Who Commander Decks Launch October 13

Magic: The Gathering’s Doctor Who Commander Decks Launch October 13

Magic: The Gathering continues reaching beyond its own universe and into the vastness of the multiverse with the upcoming Doctor Who Commander decks, which arrive on October 13.

The second Universes Beyond product to arrive in Magic this year after the Lord of the Rings crossover in June, Doctor Who will see a slightly more limited release in the form of Four Commander decks much like what Magic did with Warhammer 40K. Each deck will feature characters and places from the hit BBC series in both reprinted cards with a Doctor Who theme and entirely new cards that will be unique to the Universes Beyond Commander Decks.

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So far, we’ve only seen five cards. The first is a new Plains card that basically puts the Tardis in a somewhat arid landscape. There’s also the reprinted Fractured Identity card featuring the fourth Doctor handing the viewer a bag of jelly beans. The other three cards will be called The Eleventh Doctor, Gallifrey Stands, and The Fugitive Doctor (which you can see at the top of this article).

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According to today’s MagicCon panel, we’ll get our first good look at the four Doctor Who Commander decks at MagicCon Barcelona on July 28. We’ll see a full debut on October 3, and then the four decks arrive at stores on October 13.

In other Magic news, great changes are coming in March of the Machine: The Aftermath, a rare firth premier set for the Standard format. This mini or micro set will wrap up loose ends from the momentous war fought in the previous March of the Machine. Expect a lot of familiar faces to be forever changed after Phyrexia’s invasion. And it’s not just planeswalkers without a spark–the entire Multiverse will be interconnected in ways never-before-seen, allowing anyone and everyone to walk the planes.

For a look at what’s to come in March of the Machine: The Aftermath, check out our look at all the cards revealed. Note there are quite a few former planeswalkers that have now become trapped on whatever planes they were on prior to the Spark Rupture. Ob Nixilis doesn’t look too happy to be stuck on New Capenna.

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March of the Machine: The Aftermath arrives May 12.

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