Minecraft Players Will Lose Access If They Don’t Migrate Accounts

Minecraft Players Will Lose Access If They Don’t Migrate Accounts

Way back in 2020, Mojang announced a momentous change was coming to Minecraft. Not that Caves and Cliffs update, which was great and everything, but actually an account migration from Mojang to Microsoft. Java Edition of Minecraft would remain exactly as it’d always been–it was just player accounts that needed to move servers.

More than two years later, Mojang is telling everyone who hasn’t already migrated accounts to hurry up and do that. After September 19, 2023, all Mojang accounts will become inaccessible and you’ll have to start over from scratch with a Microsoft account.

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“Since 2021, millions of Java Edition players have switched over from their old accounts to Microsoft accounts,” wrote Mojang in its announcement. “We’re happy that so many of you are already enjoying benefits like a single account for all Minecraft games, two-factor authentication, improved player safety – and of course, capes! Even better, Mojang Account holders automatically got access to Minecraft: Bedrock Edition for Windows upon migrating to a Microsoft Account as a bonus! What could be better?”

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The specific migration deadline is September 19, 2023 at 11 AM ET (17:00 PM CEST). After that point, “unmigrated Mojang accounts will not be able to sign in to or the Minecraft Launcher to migrate.” The real deadline might even be a bit sooner, as after September 5, Mojang support won’t be able to help with migration issues.

Migrating to a Microsoft account doesn’t take long and you get to keep everything from your Mojang account, including username, progress, creations, and skins.

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“If you’re reading this and still haven’t switched to a Microsoft account yet,” Mojang added, “make sure you migrate before the deadline to keep your account, access Minecraft: Bedrock Edition for Windows, and claim your free cape!”

In other recent Minecraft news, the crown for Minecraft speedrunning has once again been turned over to xQc after he beat Forsen’s time by over a minute. The Twitch star’s record-setting run came in at 16 minutes and 38 seconds during a May 6 stream, and he seemed pretty pumped about getting it so fast.

Minecraft Players Will Lose Access If They Don’t Migrate Accounts

“Boom, yes! Boom, 16:38,” xQc yelled in exultation. “Oh my god.”

Forsen and xQc have been bitter rivals over the years, with the fasted Minecraft speedrun time passing between them multiple times. Last March, Forsen posted a time of just over 18 minutes and declared xQc’s record “permanently destroyed” following the feat. Just a few months later, however, xQc has thrown down the gauntlet with another fastest time. Now the ball is in Forsen’s court, with fans eagerly awaiting another record-setting run.

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