Mortal Kombat Fans Don’t Want Karl Urban As Johnny Cage

Mortal Kombat Fans Don’t Want Karl Urban As Johnny Cage

Johnny Cage is quick-talking, cocky, and isn’t afraid to go for the balls. It takes a special kind of actor to pull that off, while at the same time knowing how to stunt-fight. Karl Urban surely fits the above criteria, and that’s probably why there have been reports of him being in talks for the role in Mortal Kombat 2.

Simon McQuoid will be returning to direct the movie, along with Moon Knight and Umbrella Academy screenwriter Jeremy Slater. Urban has starred in some of the biggest franchises in pop culture, including Lord of the Rings, Star Trek, Judge Dredd, and even more recent hits like The Boys. However, it seems that many Mortal Kombat fans don’t really see him as Johnny Cage.


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If you head over to the Mortal Kombat Subreddit, quite a few fans have voiced their concerns over the casting decision. “I mean I’m always open-minded when it comes to castings but I thought the bare minimum for Johnny would be someone who’s American, does martial arts, and is at least under 50,” says ComicBookFan20.

Others, like Jacob_Nelson, have alternate options. “Get the Miz! As much as people hate him, he’s an excellent Cage!” The-Ultimate-Despair agrees, saying, “He actively wants to be Johnny Cage, too. He’s plugged it a few times. All he needs to do is get shredded (to look like an actual devoted martial artist) and he’s set.”

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However, MarkT_D_W has a way in which Urban could be introduced as an older Cage. “Seems like an odd choice, he’s a huge name, probably the biggest star the movie reboot has but he seems a little old for Cage. He’s funny as hell in The Boys, so he could pull it off,” he says.

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“Now, obviously, before I mention this, Sonya won’t be the momma in this continuity but part of me has got to think that having an older Cage is there so they can have a young adult Cassie there too. An older Cage with a young, precocious scrappy kid? I think Cole is definitely gonna get surprise killed in this one and replaced with Cage as the fish out of water hero with someone to protect.”

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There was support for Urban as well, with BlerghTheBlergh saying, “Caspar Van Dien was the same age during Legacy and Linden Ashby was also hitting 40 back then. Cage is a washed up B List actor long behind his prime. So age ways he should be around 40-50.” Van Dien played Cage in the MK Legacy miniseries, while Ashby played him in the original Mortal Kombat movie.

Whatever the final outcome may be, fans of the series have been on edge ever since NetherRealm began its 30th anniversary celebration of the series. Fans have been discussing what a single grain of sand from a teaser could mean with regard to the next game in the series.

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