MrBeast Claims New YouTube Video Took Over 4,000 Hours of Editing

MrBeast Claims New YouTube Video Took Over 4,000 Hours of Editing

MrBeast teases his latest project, claiming that his upcoming video took over 4,000 hours to edit and is a new style of content.

Prominent YouTube content creator MrBeast has recently teased his newest upcoming project, claiming that his latest video took thousands of hours to edit. MrBeast also shared that his latest YouTube video took months of planning to set up, weeks to film, and millions of dollars.

Jimmy Donaldson, also known as MrBeast, has been sharing content on YouTube since early 2012. MrBeast’s first videos varied in style, as some were Let’s Plays while others were focused on estimating the wealth of other YouTubers. Since then MrBeast’s content changed dramatically, as he’s mainly known for various altruistic deeds and interesting challenges, such as when he held his own Squid Game-style competition. While MrBeast’s content has drastically changed since his original debut, MrBeast’s videos continue to grow in popularity. Recently MrBeast went to Twitter to share a tease about his upcoming video, noting the extreme amount of effort that went into making his latest project possible.


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MrBeast shared the tease in a brief text post on the popular social media website, claiming that his latest video took almost 4,000 hours of editing. MrBeast also noted that the upcoming video would be released with a brand-new style and that the project will debut on Saturday, May 6. This is the latest tease by MrBeast regarding the upcoming project, and has fans of the popular YouTuber excited to see what’s next.

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MrBeast went into the replies to share a bit more information about his latest project, but details still remain scarce. When replying to one commenter who acknowledged that 4,000 hours was equivalent to around 167 days or six months, MrBeast stated that the video also cost several million dollars and took weeks to completely film. He went on to say that he “went all out.” While fans still aren’t sure what the teased video will be about, many are expecting another one of MrBeast’s popular altruistic deeds.

MrBeast has skyrocketed in popularity in recent years, even surpassing PewDiePie’s subscriber count. While his content is a departure from what he initially started posting on YouTube back in 2012, it does provide fans an avenue to witness generosity and comical deeds that many wish they could do themselves. MrBeast’s latest project will probably keep in line with this trend, but as of yet, fans can’t be certain as to what the popular YouTube icon is planning to show them.

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