MTG reveals Doctor Who Commander decks & release date – Dexerto

MTG reveals Doctor Who Commander decks & release date – Dexerto

Doctor Who’s MTG set has been revealed at MagicCon Minneapolis, including a look at the featured Doctors.

Wizards of the Coast’s MagicCon often hosts previews of upcoming sets, with the latest addition being the long-awaited Doctor Who crossover.

The latest set, simply titled Universes Beyond Doctor Who, will include Collector’s Boosters and Commander decks.

Wizards have developed four Commander decks, each with fifty new cards. There’s no traditional set with this, similar to the Warhammer 40K Universes Beyond crossover last year.

New ability coming

Wizards of the Coast

A new ability is also coming, “Doctor’s Companion”. Similar to the Partner rule, instead of requiring “Partner” on both cards for two Commanders, you need a Doctor and Companion.

What decks are in MTG Doctor Who?

The four decks will be: 

  • Blast from the Past: built around the first eight Doctors
  • Timey-Wimey: features Ninth, Tenth and Eleventh Doctors, as well as an assumed Rose
  • Paradox Power: 13th Doctor and Yaz focus
  • Masters of Evil: Classic Doctor Who villains like The Master, Daleks and Cybermen are featured in this deck

There’s also a new basic land art cycle, with locations from Doctor Who’s history. Speaking of which, Planechase will be making a return.

Planechase is Magic’s way of altering the game for everyone by forcing players into new rules themed around a different “plane”. As both Doctor Who and Magic feature multiple locations, time, and dimensional travel, it only makes sense.

When does Magic’s Doctor Who set launch?

Universes Beyond Doctor Who launches October 13, with July 28 for first looks, and a proper preview will happen on October 3

Doctor Who itself is gearing up for a return with David Tennant returning as the Fourteenth Doctor.


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