New Dragon Ball Cosmetics Are Coming to Fortnite

New Dragon Ball Cosmetics Are Coming to Fortnite

Fans believe that another Fortnite x Dragon Ball collaboration could be imminent and coming out very, very soon. Throughout the years, several franchises have become a part of the Fortnite universe in awesome collaborations that have been a hit with the majority of fans. The collab range is quite huge, it goes from similar games such as Rocket League to world-renowned singers like Ariana Grande. This wide spectrum goes to show just how Fortnite‘s popularity increase has allowed it to reach unexpected areas of all sorts of industries, not just the gaming world.


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The past week has been hectic for many Fortnite players as the Star Wars crossover event has given them tons of quests to complete in order to unlock notorious characters such as Darth Maul. Star Wars is a franchise that has teamed up with Fortnite several times now, and it’s always been well-received by the majority of players. It’s not unusual for Fortnite to collab with the same name more than once if it’s successful with the fanbase. So, Star Wars might not be the only returning collab in the month of May.

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On May 4, fans got to celebrate Star Wars Day in-game, and now datamined files suggest that they could be celebrating Goku Day in Fortnite as well. Several notorious leakers have identified an unreleased Item Shop skin with the code name DualParadox. It is a cel-shaded skin, just like all other anime skins in Fortnite, and the leakers believe it’s none other than Goku Black.

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Even though this is all speculation, and none of it has been confirmed by Epic Games, there is a lot of evidence to back up the theory that the upcoming skin will be Goku Black. It is known that whoever this is, it has a pink alternative style, and that its cosmetic set is going to be part of an existing set, which is most likely related to one of the Dragon Ball skins already in Fortnite. On top of this, it will have two harvesting tools and one of these will be a two-handed staff, just like Black himself.

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At the moment, this is all speculation, and none of it has been confirmed by Epic Games. Nevertheless, if the rumors are true, it’s quite possible that the skin will be released to celebrate Goku Day on May 9. It has been a while since the Dragon Ball crossover event, and fans of the franchise will certainly be happy if they get to acquire another one of their favorite characters.

Fortnite is available for Mobile, PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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