New Dungeons and Dragons Book Features Monsters Designed by Kids

New Dungeons and Dragons Book Features Monsters Designed by Kids

Dungeons and Dragons releases a new monster compendium full of creatures originally designed by kids for a charity collaboration with Extra Life.

Dungeons and Dragons just released a new project featuring monsters that were originally designed by kids. This small monster compendium is being sold as a part of Dungeons and Dragons’ most recent charity collaboration with Extra Life.

Extra Life is the gaming branch of the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. Every year, gamers and companies alike raise funds for the charity through tournaments and events, such as Final Fantasy 14’s race to world first every time a new raid is introduced to the game.


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Now, Wizards of the Coast is doing a charity drive with Extra Life featuring a new collection of creatures in Misplaced Monsters: Volume One. Each of these unique and colorful creatures was designed by kids at the Seattle Children’s Hospital and then transformed into full Dungeons and Dragons monsters by Wizards of the Coast. Each of these six monsters features the original concept by the child side-by-side with a fully-realized version rendered by a professional artist.

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The six creatures in Misplaced Monsters: Volume One are:

  • Coral: a flying unicorn mermaid who can conjure magical bubbles from her horn.
  • The Dandylion: a friendly lion made of flowers and leaves who tends gardens and fields in the Feywild.
  • Rain: a flying unicorn cat who fights evildoers with glitter and heals friends with rainbows.
  • Scrappers: constructs who can grapple foes with electric wires and power fists.
  • Seth the Shapeshifting Dragon: a slippery sea serpent.
  • Sheldon the Blueberry Dragon: a friendly dragon who travels through space to collect and eat blueberries.

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Despite their zany and adorable appearances, with Challenge Ratings ranging from 5 through 10, these monsters are no joke. The creatures are balanced for Dungeons and Dragons, and with their powerful and unique abilities, any one of them could make a fitting addition to even the most serious of campaigns. Players can pick up Misplaced Monsters: Volume One for $6, or they can buy individual stat blocks if they prefer; either way, all proceeds from this purchase go directly to the Seattle Children’s Hospital and Autism Center.

This is not the first time Dungeons and Dragons has partnered with Extra Life in the past. It previously offered playable turtle, seal, and frog people with The Tortle Package, Locathah Rising, and One Grung Above respectively, and exciting mini-adventures with the Lost Laboratory of Kwalish and Infernal Machine Rebuild. Players can still buy these charming charity products on D&D Beyond, the proceeds of which still go directly to Extra Life.

Dungeons and Dragons is available now.

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