New Monster Hunter Game Spin-Off Could Be on the Way

New Monster Hunter Game Spin-Off Could Be on the Way

Capcom has filed a trademark registration that indicates a potential Monster Hunter spin-off game. Monster Hunter is one of Capcom’s most successful franchises, so it wouldn’t be surprising at all if the company was pursuing another spin-off.

The most recent title in the series is the massive expansion Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, released in 2021 for Monster Hunter Rise. Available for PC and consoles, in this expansion players take on the role of the hunter who saved Kamura from calamity. In this new adventure, players brave the distant lands of Elgado, an outpost near a kingdom beset by the elder dragon Malzemo. Sunbreak brings to Monster Hunter Rise players improved gameplay, new combat mechanics, new monsters like the ice wolf Lunagaron, and powerful flying wyverns like Seregios and Astalos.


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It has been revealed that Capcom quietly filed a trademark for a new Monster Hunter spin-off game in the U.S., Europe, Australia, and New Zealand. Evidence suggests that the game in question would be very similar to Monster Hunter Puzzles: Felyne Islands, a Monster Hunter spin-off that released for the PSP and is only available in Japan. Released in 2012, Monster Hunter Puzzles: Felyne Islands is a block puzzle game where players battle in typical block-busting action alongside the adorable felines from Monster Hunter.

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While Capcom has not officially announced the registered game is Monster Hunter Puzzles: Felyne Islands, Monster Hunter fans have something new to look forward to regardless. This year Capcom and Niantic announced Monster Hunter Now, a new augmented reality game that will be released for Android and iOS devices. Described as a combination of action and communication, Monster Hunter Now turns players into Pokemon GO-style hunters to take on iconic monsters from the franchise like Rathalos.

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Monster Hunter is a phenomenon in Japan of incredible proportions; there’s even a Monster Hunter-themed cafe. Gamers can play the Monster Hunter titles solo, but it is in the online co-op where Monster Hunter shines. Over the years the Monster Hunter franchise has gone from Japanese phenomenon to international success, bringing to players around the world hunters’ adventures in magical lands inhabited by powerful monsters. Because of this success, it would not be surprising if Capcom plans to bring another Japanese-exclusive Monster Hunter game to the international audience or perhaps a new version of the spin-off game.

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Source: Destructoid, Gematsu


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