New MTG Secret Lair Commander Deck Coming This Year, “From Cute To Brute”

New MTG Secret Lair Commander Deck Coming This Year, “From Cute To Brute”

Wizards of the Coast recently announced the upcoming release of a brand new Magic: The Gathering Secret Lair Commander deck, appropriately enough titled From Cute to Brute. This 100-card set will come with five double-faced foil cards featuring some rather stunning artwork by Nana Qi and Godmachine. As you might expect, one side is nice and the other side is naughty.

From Cute to Brute will be going up for grabs on May 8, 2023. The deck includes five double-faced foil cards featuring front-face artwork by Nana Qi and back-face artwork by Godmachine. The five cards in question are Archangel Avacyn, Bloodline Keeper, Esika God of the Tree, Nicol Bolas the Ravager, and Westvale Abbey.

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The deck will additionally contain 42 double-faced reprints, 53 single-faced reprints, 15 double-faced tokens, and five double-faced display cards. While these are not in fact “legal in sanctioned Commander play,” the display cards are “printed on a thicker cardstock,” in other words “great for showing off and celebrating your deck.”

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The complete decklist for the set has already been released by Wizards of the Coast. In addition to a few Others, this includes a wide range of Creatures, Lands, Enchantments, Sorceries, Instants, Planeswalkers, and Artifacts. The most notable inclusions are of course Esika God of the Tree and Valki God of Lies along with Sisay Weatherlight Captain, Rhys the Redeemed, and Arlinn Kord.

From Cute to Brute is a “limited-print-run product available while supplies last,” meaning that MTG players should act fast, because this highly sought after set is sure to sell out soon after launch. Nana Qi and Godmachine are both well known for their exceptional work in the MTG community and fans have been eagerly anticipating these new cards for quite a while now.

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Wizards of the Coast has been releasing a variety of exciting new products for MTG over the course of the last couple of years. With the popularity of the Commander format continuing to grow, the release of a new Commander deck should come as no real surprise, but From Cute to Brute remains a solid addition to the set. Fans of the game are always looking for new ways to play and From Cute to Brute will no doubt provide them with a fresh batch of cards to add to their collection.

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