No Man’s Sky Fan Builds Impressive Replica of Their Starship out of LEGOs

No Man’s Sky Fan Builds Impressive Replica of Their Starship out of LEGOs

A creative No Man’s Sky enthusiast brings their in-game Hauler to life, using LEGOs to recreate the starship in all its glory.

There’s a nearly infinite number of unique, procedurally-generated starships available in the universe of No Man‘s Sky, and one dedicated fan of the game has used LEGOs to create a real-life model of their very own spacefaring vessel. Many distinct classes of starship have long existed in No Man’s Sky to support different play styles, though the game’s latest Interceptor update takes things a step further by introducing a new variety of obtainable Sentinel starships.


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Whether players prefer exploring the countless star systems in No Man’s Sky, battling against alien pirates, or simply making an honest living in the game by transporting goods between space stations, the game offers plenty of useful starships and upgrades to make the experience a little more enjoyable – not to mention personalized. With starships in No Man’s Sky being procedurally generated like most of the game’s content, it’s infinitely more likely for players to discover their own unique starship than stumble across one that another player has already found. The vast number of potential ship designs and color configurations has led to ship hunting becoming a popular activity among players, and a recently increased number of ownable starships makes life easier for collectors.

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It’s the uniqueness of each starship that adds a lot of personality to each player’s adventure, so veteran players often become attached to their own favorite ship. This is evident in a number of creative projects pioneered by No Man’s Sky fans, including a recent build shared in a Reddit post from the user Yeet69yeet96yeet which shows their own Hauler starship brought to life via LEGO bricks. This awesome ship model captures the same colors and details as the in-game version and is complete with the same weapon systems – it even includes the player’s own character sitting in the cockpit.

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No Man’s Sky‘s most recent Interceptor update brought a staggering amount of new content to the game since it was released merely a few weeks after the Fractals update, which itself brought PS VR2 support for the game as well as a number of general improvements to the VR experience. The Interceptor update has received massive praise from fans primarily thanks to the Sentinel starships it adds to the game, which represent a whole new variety of uniquely-designed ships complete with their own range of technologies and upgrades.

Though it’s difficult to predict what the hardworking team at Hello Games is planning to add to the game next, Hello Games founder and No Man’s Sky creator Sean Murray has already hinted at another big year ahead for the game. Many fans wish to see even more ship-related content in future updates for the game, with starship customization remaining a popular community request.

No Man’s Sky is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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