Old school Pokemon fans confused by Kleavor debut: “Who are you?” – Dexerto

Old school Pokemon fans confused by Kleavor debut: “Who are you?” – Dexerto

Old school Pokemon fans share memes expressing the confusion about the Pokemon Go debut of Kleavor, a creature from Legends Arceus.

Developer Niantic recently announced that it would host a Kleavor Raid Day for the mobile Pokemon experience. The event will go live on Saturday, March 6 from 11:00 AM to 2:00 PM local time.

This gives players three hours to find 3-Star Kleavor raids and collect the Hisuian creature before the raid event ends.

But Trainers who aren’t familiar with Pokemon’s more recent generations are having a hard time identifying why they should care about this particular raid day.

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Classic Pokemon fans confused by Kleavor’s debut in Pokemon Go

A Redditor named AstroidTea posted a meme that’s getting a lot of attention from old school Pokemon fans.

The meme features Kleavor celebrating its forthcoming arrival in POGO, while text over a Detective Pikachu hat-wearing Thanos jokes that those who didn’t play gen-9 games don’t even know Kleavor.

Evidently, fans of the classic games are itching for content more in line with the experiences from many years past. Since Kleavor made its series debut in Pokemon: Legends Arceus, this monster doesn’t exactly fit the bill.

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“This is me for anything past Gens 3-4 I’m just totally out of the loop these days lol,” wrote one Pokemon Go player in the thread. Someone who jumped ship in the early days added, “Gen 1 – gen 2 crowd represent.”

Another person in a similar boat shared the following, “I only played Gen 1. I have NO idea what 90%+ of the pokemon I see spawning are.”

Some Pokemon Go players actually like not being familiar with characters such as Kleavor, though. It makes the experience as a whole all the more fun.

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Said one user who hasn’t played the mainline titles since 2008’s Pokemon Platinum, “It’s kinda cool not knowing anything from Gen 5 onwards because it’s a surprise when a new Pokemon gets released.”

“…70% of the fun comes from literally discovering new Pokemon,” another fan said in response to the above comment.

Thus, while some old school fans may not appreciate the addition of Kleavor, there are those who simply enjoy the thrill of learning more about the long-running franchise.

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