Overwatch 2 Lifeweaver Player Creatively Evades Enemy by Sacrificing Teammate

Overwatch 2 Lifeweaver Player Creatively Evades Enemy by Sacrificing Teammate

One Overwatch 2 player showcases a creative way to avoid a charging Reinhardt with Lifeweaver, though the cost of doing so may be higher than some are willing to make. The support hero Lifeweaver is the newest addition to Overwatch 2, having been launched alongside the current fourth season. Unlike other healer style characters, Lifeweaver comes with a number of different abiltiies such as a Petal Platform that can be raised up into the air when stepped on by both allies and enemies.


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As the newest hero, fans continue to tinker with what Lifeweaver is capable of, as his current kit includes a lot of unique abilities. Some have found creative solutions during matches such as using Petal Platform to interrupt Mercy’s resurrection or accidentally saving the enemy team by canceling out Reinhardt’s Earthshatter ultimate. There has seemingly been no end to viral clips appearing online showcasing some surprising plays during a match, including this latest one that essentially sacrifices a teammate in order to avoid a lethal takedown by a charging Reinhardt.

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The hilarious and surprising Overwatch 2 clip comes from a Reddit user named jcl1407 during a match on Eichenwalde. Rounding a corner, the Lifeweaver player is discovered by an enemy Reinhardt. As they attempt to flee the other way, an allied Cassidy is on the wall taking shots at other players. Seeing an opportunity, the Lifeweaver player uses the Life Grip support tool, which pulls Cassidy towards them, effectively switching places. Before long, the Reinhardt player starts their charge up the stairs and ends up wall splating Cassidy instead as Lifeweaver escaps to relative safety.

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Found a new LW tech

by u/jcl1407 in Overwatch

The clip has seemingly exploded on the Overwatch 2 subReddit, where most comments were left making funny jabs at the teammate betrayal. While one person mentioned that the move was nasty, jcl1407 followed up by replying that they’d normally feel bad about sacrificing a teammate though in this case, the Cassidy player was their friend. Others in the comments remain amazed at just how much trolling can be done by Lifeweaver with the current set of tools available.


by u/Beautiful-Musk-Ox from discussion Found a new LW tech

in Overwatch


by u/magicmushi from discussion Found a new LW tech

in Overwatch

Although Lifeweaver is still fairly new to Overwatch 2, that isn’t stopping Blizzard from making a number of tweaks to the character. Just recently, Overwatch 2‘s director Aaron Keller revealed a list of five major control changes coming this week to Lifeweaver, including a much requested change to the damaging Thorn Volley attack now being an alt-fire instead of needing to be swapped.

Overwatch 2 is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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