Overwatch 2 Player Shows Off Wild Sombra and Ramattra Rollout Trick

Overwatch 2 Player Shows Off Wild Sombra and Ramattra Rollout Trick

One Overwatch 2 squad shows off an impressive rollout trick while using Ramattra to propel Sombra across the map at the start of the match.

A pair of teammates in Overwatch 2 utilize an impressive rollout trick at the start of a match by using Ramattra to propel Sombra far on to the map by using a basketball. Fans are always looking for new strategies and methods to gain an advantage over opposing players in Overwatch 2, and one area that receives a lot of focus is at the start of a match. Known as a rollout, this method is how players enter the map from the spawn point as fast as possible.

While there have been tons of different strategies developed over the years between Overwatch and its current sequel, such as wall riding as Lucio, Doomfist jumps, and many others, some would rather mess around before a match starts. On certain maps, basketballs are lying around complete with their own physics system that players have been playing with for years. While most of the time it involves just melee attacking it to see how far the ball can bounce, some have utilized it in their rollout strategy to take the opposing team by surprise.


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The latest Overwatch 2 rollout tech comes from a user named DaM3xicanTurl3 showing how fast a Ramattra and Sombra can get to the center of the Ilios map. While waiting in the spawn area, the Sombra throws and sticks her translocator device on one of the basketballs in front of the spawn door. As the match begins and the door opens, the Ramattra player uses the Void Accelerator attack to rapidly hit the basketball, which sends it flying across the map, at which point Sombra activates her translocator ability to teleport at the location where the ball currently is.

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The technique allows Sombra to quickly get across the map in record time, and could work wonders on specific Overwatch 2 game modes like Control. Still, while many fans in the comments find this to be interesting and hilarious, most agree that it’s still an edge case and Blizzard likely won’t fix it. In fact, this isn’t the first time players have used basketballs to their advantage. Many in the comments called back to a time when Mei used her knockback secondary fire to propel Sombra’s translocator, though many agreed this new method is likely way more effective.

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The basketball quickly went on to become a fan favorite object in Overwatch, and that has seemingly continued into Overwatch 2. While there are those who try and use it to see what is possible within the confines of the game, others see if the basketball can be used to their advantage. In one case, Symmetra was able to attach her turrets and create a spiraling death ball after picking the ball up. Another Overwatch 2 clip showed Zarya firing her Graviton Surge and punching the ball in the air trapping an enemy for a Cassidy player used their High Noon to shoot them out of the air.

Overwatch 2 is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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