Overwatch 2 Players Are Upset by Blizzard’s Response to Unwarranted Bans

Overwatch 2 Players Are Upset by Blizzard’s Response to Unwarranted Bans

The latest season for Overwatch 2 has brought widespread matchmaking and suspension issues, and some players are frustrated by Blizzard’s response.

Season 4 of Overwatch 2 has inadvertently brought along some issues in addition to the new hero and cosmetic content, and a recent response from Blizzard has only caused greater frustration among the game’s community after the developer claims that unwarranted bans cannot be overturned. Many Overwatch 2 players have experienced frequent matchmaking problems since the start of the game’s latest season, with unintentional disconnections from competitive matches costing some fans a season-long suspension from the game.


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Season 4 delivers a significant supply of new content to Blizzard’s live-service hero shooter, including a whole new season pass containing exclusive cosmetic rewards, a limited-time multiplayer game mode, another new hero, and plenty more. The 37th hero to appear in Overwatch 2, Lifeweaver is a support character wielding a number of useful new abilities that can prove game-changing in the right situations. While his healing is noticeably weaker compared to the other available support heroes, Lifeweaver’s Petal Platform and Life Grip abilities allow for greatly enhanced mobility for the entire team, while also providing a means to save teammates in tough situations.

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Unfortunately, Overwatch 2 continues to suffer from connection and matchmaking issues which became much more prevalent with the launch of the newest season. Numerous players have experienced an “applying update” message upon joining matches, which has, in many cases, led to unwarranted suspensions for unsuspecting fans. An official response from Blizzard claims that the developer team is currently investigating the issue but cannot overturn the bans applied to players as a result of the bug. Many in the Overwatch 2 community have interpreted this as something of an insult and absence of care toward the playerbase as a whole, with affected players having no choice but to wait out the duration of their suspension.

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This is particularly frustrating for those who have experienced consecutive unwarranted bans from competitive play, as some fans have racked up a ban lasting throughout the entire current season, if not longer. Similar matchmaking bugs have been common throughout Season 4 so far, with many Overwatch 2 players recently being affected by infinite queue times. Some fans have attributed the storm of matchmaking bugs to the Competitive Rank overhaul which came at the start of Season 4.

The collection of recent issues surrounding Overwatch 2 doesn’t bode well for the popularity of the game, which has been somewhat struggling in some respects lately as drops in player count have been observed for Overwatch 2. Thankfully players may not have to wait too long for these matchmaking bugs to be squashed by the developers, though fans should still be sure to head to the Practice Range upon logging in to avoid experiencing the ongoing suspension issues.

Overwatch 2 is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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