Overwatch 2 players discover insane Lifeweaver mechanic to counter Mercy – Dexerto

Overwatch 2 players discover insane Lifeweaver mechanic to counter Mercy – Dexerto

Overwatch 2 players have discovered a rather clever way to utilize Lifeweaver’s Petal Platform in order to counter Mercy’s resurrection ability.

Blizzard’s hero shooter Overwatch 2 is about three things, shooting, the objective, and its heroes. Heroes are arguably at the core of Overwatch’s gameplay, with its massive cast of characters filling the game with personality and variety. One of the core aspects of Overwatch is how each agent interacts with one another, with certain characters being able to soft counter each other.

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Blizzard has since removed the ability to hard counter characters with the introduction of Overwatch 2, with heroes like Cassidy losing their Flash Bang stun or Mei losing her primary fire freeze.

Counters still exist in Overwatch 2 however, with heroes like Kiriko being able to cleanse Ana and Junker Queen’s anti-healing effect. A recent discovery has found that the latest support Lifeweaver has the ability to counter Mercy.

A Twitter user was able to showcase a Lifeweaver canceling a Mercy revive by using their Petal Platform in a smart and creative way. The clip shows the Lifeweaver player, aptly named “Wifeleaver” throwing down their Petal Platform right where Mercy’s ally had died. When an ally of Mercy dies they normally leave behind a golden orb, indicating that Mercy can approach the spot to channel her revive on them.

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However, if Mercy is somehow stunned whilst channeling, or moved too far away from the orb it’ll cancel her revive, placing it on cooldown. Lifeweaver was able to use the Petal Platform to move the orb (and them) away from the Mercy, which placed their revive ability on cooldown.

Since Lifeweaver’s release players have toyed around with his interactions with other heroes, seeing the potential of the character in creating deadly combos with his repositioning tools.

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Lifeweaver has only recently been released into Overwatch 2 at the start of Season 4, so it’s likely we’ll see more incredible interactions with the Thai support hero in the near future.


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