Overwatch 2 pro throws Baptiste’s Immortality Field cross-map during overtime – Dexerto

Overwatch 2 pro throws Baptiste’s Immortality Field cross-map during overtime – Dexerto

An Overwatch 2 pro managed to throw Baptiste’s Immortality Field from spawn to point during an intense overtime.

The Support Hero’s Immortality Field generates a drone with a blue ring that stays active for five seconds. While inside the circle, allies’ HP does not drop below the 20 percent threshold. For example, a 600 HP Tank would not fall beyond 120 HP.

Baptiste’s ability can prove incredibly useful when teammates are under immense fire. Here’s how one pro attempted to win his team a point during overtime in a heated Overwatch League match.

Overwatch 2 pro has perfect aim with Baptiste’s Immortality Field

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Reddit user Ezraah posted a clip of the unbelievable play during an Overwatch League match on May 7. William “Lyar” Ohlstein from the Los Angeles Valiant launched Baptiste’s Immortality Field from Ilios Lighthouse’s spawn to the objective. Lyar threw the life-saving ability during overtime against the Washington Justice.

Despite the Immortality Field, Los Angeles Valiant lost this round to Washington Justice. Washington Justice beat Los Angeles Valiant 3-0 before losing to the Boston Uprising 0-3 on May 6.

“Could you imagine getting your ult nullified by something like this?” archSkeptic asked. “It would be hard to be mad about it.”

“I am going to try and make this throw every time I leave spawn as bap on this map now,” Wage_slave wrote.

“So, if you pick Bap on this map, you can just stay in spawn, throwing immortality fields onto the point repeatedly,” fauxtruth suggested. “Whenever it expires, switch heroes and then switch back to refresh the cooldown.”

Today, May 7, the lineup of Overwatch League matches includes Boston Uprising vs. Vancouver Titans and LA Gladiators vs. Atlanta Reign. Check out our article for the full schedule of events for Week 2 of the Spring Stage Qualifiers.


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