Pathfinder Is Getting Its Own Diablo-Like Hack & Slash RPG

Pathfinder Is Getting Its Own Diablo-Like Hack & Slash RPG

Just like D&D is the undisputed king of tabletop RPGs, Diablo is the undisputed king of isometric hack-and-slash action RPGs. And just like D&D, Pathfinder had decided to strike out at Diablo for a piece of the action RPG pie.

You might recall Pathfinder: Kingmaker and Wrath of the Righteous as classic RPGs along the lines of the original Fallout games or Baldur’s Gate. Pathfinder publisher Paizo has partnered with Quebec-based Bkom Studios to bring Pathfinder: Abomination Vaults, which tosses away turn-based combat for good old clicky action.

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For an idea of what to expect, check out the trailer below. Just like in Diablo, the camera looks down from above as the player’s character cuts down dozens of monsters at a time using their flashy abilities. And just like Diablo, there’s going to be a whole slew of monsters to slay, ranging from vampires and demons to giant spiders that will definitely require an arachnophobia mode.


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According to creative director Wyatt Gray, Pathfinder: Abomination Vaults will be a cooperative hack-and-slash for up to four players. It’ll be based on the real-life Pathfinder expansion of the same name, which is a “ten-story mega-dungeon.” We got to see at least a few of those floors in the trailer, although ten stories don’t sound like a lot when you consider Diablo dungeons can go on for dozens and dozens of floors. Perhaps we should take those ten stories as more of a suggestion on what to expect.

In Abomination Vaults, a group of heroes enters the mysterious Gauntlight lighthouse only to discover a sprawling complex of caverns beneath. In the first part of Abomination Vaults, titled Ruins of the Gauntlight, you just explore the first few levels, while the second part descends further to discover disgusting fleshcrafters making an army of monsters for the undead sorcerer, Belcorra Haruvex. In Eyes of Empty Death, you finally attempt to slay Belcorra while also trying to avoid the ire of bloodthirsty vampires and shifty Drow.

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Pathfinder: Abomination Vaults will soon host a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign to help develop the game and perhaps expand its scope, depending on the response from fans. There’s no word on when the Kickstarter will go live, but you can sign up for notifications here. So far, the only confirmed platform is Steam, but Paizo has brought its other RPGs to consoles eventually.

Diablo fans won’t have to wait too long for another taste of Diablo 4. Blizzard plans to host a server stress test over the Mother’s Day weekend, starting May 12 and running to May 14. This will be an open beta test, so there’s still time to sign up and get your beta rewards for killing Ashava.

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