Payday 3 Will Finally Reveal Gameplay This Summer

Payday 3 Will Finally Reveal Gameplay This Summer

Starbreeze Studio has had a tough few years. In 2018, the studio was raided by Swedish authorities on charges of insider trading. The following year, it was hit with massive layoffs due to its financial situation, seeing 25 percent of its staff leaving. And yet, amidst all of this, it has still managed to stay on track with its planned launch of Payday 3 this year.

Today, the studio announced that we will finally get to see gameplay footage of the long anticipated game this summer. The news was shared via a short teaser video featuring a man standing in the shadows and saying, “Alright guys, it’s a simple job.” While this reveals absolutely nothing about the game, we’ll find out more pretty soon.


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“We’re now 5 months into the Year of Payday 3, with not a lot of info revealed about the game yet. This has been frustrating for a lot of you, but we promise you the wait will be worth it,” says an update on its website. “Our team has been working very hard on the game, this is still the year of Payday 3 after all, and we’re now almost ready to start lifting the lid and let you all in on how the game is coming along.

“Payday 3 is releasing later this year, and we’re getting ready to showcase a first look at Payday 3’s gameplay as well as more information about what you can expect very soon. This summer, to be more specific.”

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While that’s all we know for now, Starbreeze was still losing money, up until last year at least. Payday 2 was the only source of income for the company, and it saw a 25 percent drop in sales as compared to 2021. It seems like it’s in the studio’s best interest to launch the game as quickly as it can, and also in the right condition.

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Back during E3 2021, global brand director Almir Listo said, “At Starbreeze, we see Payday as the ultimate bank-robbing experience. Inspired by classic heist movies, providing adrenaline-fueled gameplay where you get to experience the thrill of being on the wrong side of the law with a smart plan and a gun in your hand.”

Payday 3 Will Finally Reveal Gameplay This Summer
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The game is set to continue the story that kicked off all those years ago, with the gang now in the sights of the law as well as the criminal underworld. The game has been referred to as “the next chapter and an evolution of the franchise”. According to the devs, the game will utilize modern tech to create a “fully-fledged social heist universe.”

There’s also a live-action Payday TV series in the works, which Starbreeze CEO Tobias Sjögren said will “bring [its] franchise to new heights and an even broader audience”

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