PC Gamers Have Another Free Game They Can Claim Right Now

PC Gamers Have Another Free Game They Can Claim Right Now

PC gamers are able to pick up this indie game for free as part of a GOG giveaway, with only a small amount of time left to do so.

Gamers on PC are able to grab the 2022 title Under the Moon, completely free right now as a GOG giveaway. In recent years, GOG has unfortunately been overlooked by many in the gaming community for Steam and the Epic Games Store. However, for PC gamers, it remains the best place to pick up older titles on the platform.

Developer Bamya Games describes Under the Moon as “an indie, platformer-riddle game” on the official Steam page, “adorned with great stylized graphics and atmosphere.” It even maintains a “Positive” rating from buyers on Steam, with over 100 riddles for players to complete. In the games industry, there are lots of quality free platformers to pick up at the moment, and Under the Moon comfortably joins that list. By combining elements of the platformer and riddle genres, it creates something new, becoming a title that is worth trying even out of curiosity, especially for free.


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The offer recently came live on the official GOG website, however, time is fast running out for players to pick up Under the Moon. This particular deal is only available until early morning on May 1, so any player wanting to give it a try will need to act fast. GOG has a great history of offering free titles to players. Indie title Deep Sky Derelicts was recently free on GOG during the platform’s Spring Sale, although this offer is unfortunately long gone.

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Any gamer that is unsure about Under the Moon should grab it while it’s available for free. For many, it won’t jump straight to the front of the backlog, but it’s still ideal to have in the event that a spark arises to play it in the future. It isn’t the most expensive game on Steam, currently sitting at $6.99, however, it’s always nice to get something for free. Another benefit of this giveaway is that it is through GOG, meaning that it’s completely free of any DRM. Some games use controversial DRM such as Denuvo, which can cause a stir in the gaming community.

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Aside from Under the Moon, lots of platforms right now have free offerings that gamers can pick up. Steam recently gave away four free games to players, and the Epic Games Store usually has something available to grab at any given time, too. While gaming can be a very expensive hobby, these offers show that by looking in the right places, it certainly doesn’t have to be.

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