Persona 5 Royal: How To Get a Part Time Job

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In Persona 5 Royal, players have the option of applying for in-game part-time jobs. While the idea may not sound very exciting, these jobs often pay decent pocket money and allow Joker to gain points towards some of his Social Stats. However, some part-time jobs require Social Stats to be at a certain Rank.

If Persona 5 Royal players are shooting for a 100% playthrough, they’ll need to work every part-time job the game has to offer. Some Mementos Requests require players to go an extra step. By working part-time, Joker can get the name of the culprit from his coworkers/customers. Additionally, there’s one part-time job that unlocks a Confidant, so players should make sure to try them all.


Updated May 9, 2023 by Renri Seong: Part-time jobs in Persona 5 Royal are great on a first playthrough. Choosing to work a shift will take up Joker’s afternoon or evening time depending on the job. Compared to Persona 5, Royal gives several additions to the already-established part-time jobs such as work-related questions. Answering them incorrectly won’t have consequences, but it’s recommended to select the best option to gain points towards one of the five Social Stats. The following guide has been updated to include information regarding the part-time jobs as well as every answer to the barcode location questions at the part-time convenience store job – Triple Seven (777).

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Unlocking Part-Time Jobs

persona 5 royal part time job

There are a total of four part-time jobs in Persona 5 Royal. When Joker is walking to school on 4/18, he’ll overhear some students talking about working a part-time job, and Morgana will push him to apply for one. At this point, players can go to the Underground Walkway and grab a job. To do so, they should check the minimap or the map, look for spots with the Yen map symbol, interact with the job pamphlets, and then select a job.

However, because Joker won’t be able to go out at night by 4/18, he can only apply for Triple Seven or Rafflesia (requires Rank 2 Charm). Once Sojiro gives Joker the keys to Leblanc, he’ll be able to pick up Ore no Beko.

As a new feature in P5R, Joker may run into one of his Confidants while working. If this happens, he’ll gain +1 point towards the Confidant. The only job where he will not see Confidants is at Crossroads in Shinjuku.

Triple Seven (Convenience Store)

persona 5 royal ryuji part time job

  • Time: Afternoon
  • Wage: 3,500 (7,400 bonus)
  • Place: Shibuya Underground Mall
  • Requirements: N/A

This is the first job that players can grab and working here will reward Joker with Charm Points. He’ll get +3 points if he works here on the 7th of every month along with 7,400 yen. Working here twice will grant the name for the Mementos Request: “Calling for Justice for Cats.” As of Persona 5 Royal, the convenience store is an afternoon job, so Joker won’t be able to work here during the evenings.

If players visit Triple Seven but decide not to work, they can buy HP-replenishing items and more. Unfortunately, most of the items at Triple Seven are only available for a limited time, so players will want to grab them as soon as they’re available. The convenience store sells the following products:





April 18th


Restores 10HP to one ally.

Exotic Meat Bun

April 18th


Restores 20HP to one ally.


April 18th


Restores 20HP to one ally.

Phantom Waifer

August 28th – October 10th


Cures any status condition and heals an ally for 50HP.

Soothing Soba

June 1st – August 30th


Restores 200HP to one ally.

Agodashi Oden

November 25th – December 19th


Restores 50HP to all allies.

Limited New Year Chocolate

January 13th


Restores all HP to all allies.

All Barcode Locations for Triple Seven Part-Time Job

In Persona 5 Royal, Joker’s coworker will quiz him on barcode locations. Selecting the right answer will give Joker an additional Charm point. This feature wasn’t in Persona 5, so returning fans were quick to notice the sudden change. There are 11 barcode questions total. Here are the answers to each barcode question:


Where is the position of the cow milk barcode?

Next to the company logo.

Where is the position of the boy chance barcode?

Back of the company logo.

Where is the position of the Edo rice ball barcode?


Where is the position of the BW Panda Pan barcode?

Near the tail.

Where is the position of the skeleton umbrella barcode?

Behind the handle.

Where is the position of the horse racing newspaper barcode?

At the side of the company logo at the back (By the comment section).

Where is the position of the black donut barcode?

Near the brown sugar description.

Where is the position of the zebra ramen barcode?

Side of the zebra scoop.

Where is the position of the tiger pattern pants barcode?

On the tag lining.

Where is the position of the Super Duper Vanilla Cup barcode?

Side of the character illustration.

Where is the position of the india ink barcode?

Right side when viewed from the front.

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persona 5 royal rafflesia

  • Time: Afternoon
  • Wage: 3,200 (7,800 bonus)
  • Place: Shibuya Underground Mall
  • Requirements: Rank 2 Charm

If players have enough Charm, they can apply for the Flower Shop job in the Underground Mall. Working a shift here will give a point towards Kindness or three points if the customer is satisfied. The job itself is surprisingly simple. Customers request a type of bouquet, and Joker has to select three flowers that fit the description.


Color & Size


Scarlet Rose

Red, Large

  • Large Flowers with Fancy Colors
  • Flowers to Express Love
  • Red Flowers
  • Celebration Bouquet
  • Fragrant and Gorgeous Colored Flowers

Sweetest of Peas

Blue, Normal

  • Thank You Flowers
  • Fragrant and Gorgeous Colored Flowers

Gold Gerbera

Yellow, Large

  • Big Flowers with Little Scents
  • Flowers to Celebrate a Friend’s Childbirth
  • Large Flowers with Fancy Colors


Red, Shiny

Gecko Orchid

Pink, Large

  • Large Flowers with Fancy Colors
  • Red Flowers
  • Thank You Flowers

Rainbow Sage

Yellow, Small

  • Thank You Flowers
  • Flowers to Celebrate a Friend’s Childbirth

Stinking Olive

Orange, Small

  • Fragrant and Gorgeous Colored Flowers

Justice Jasmine

Light blue, Small

Delightful Lily

Light blue, Normal

  • Flowers to Celebrate a Friend’s Childbirth

Venerable Chrysanthemum

White, Large

  • Large Flowers with Fancy Colors
  • Celebration Bouquet
  • Big Flowers with Little Scents

Enamored Orchid

White, Small

  • Flowers to Express Love
  • Small Flowers with Soft Colors

Fluorescent Freesia

Light yellow

  • Small Flowers with Soft Colors
  • Big Flowers with Little Scents

Once players can go to Shinjuku, they should pick up the Flowerpedia book at the bookstore. This will update the flower descriptions at Rafflesia and make it easier to put together a bouquet for customers. After working here twice, players can get the name for the Request “Who’s Been Assaulting People?”.

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Ore no Beko


  • Time: Evening
  • Wage: 3,600 (8,800 bonus)
  • Place: Central Street
  • Requirements: Rank 2 Proficiency

On 5/6, Sojiro will give Joker the keys to the shop, meaning he can fully explore Shibuya (and Shinjuku) at night. While players should use the evening time to rank up Confidants, they’ll want to pick up the shift at Ore no Beko.

This job requires players to memorize customer orders. Pressing down on the left stick by the fourth order will allow players to view the chatlog, making it easier to write down what’s being ordered. Players should be warned though that once Morgana starts speaking, the chatlog will not be visible, so they’ll need to make note of the orders as soon as they show up on the screen. With this in mind, turning off Auto-Text (square button) when working here can be a big help. On the 29th of each month, players will get paid more and receive 3 Proficiency points.

Working here twice will lead to Yoshida (Sun Confidant) speaking to Joker. From here, Joker can view his campaign by Station Square and start the Sun Confidant. It’s highly recommended to complete the Sun Confidant for the benefits that appear during a Hold Up/Shadow Negotiation.

There are five types of beef bowls and two sizes:


Beef Bowl

Natto Bowl

Barbecue Bowl

Curry Bowl

Hui Guo Rou Bowl

Serving Size




persona 5 royal crossroads

  • Time: Evening
  • Wage: 5,400 (bonus: 7,200 weekdays, 12,000 Sundays)
  • Place: Central Street
  • Requirements: Rank 3 Kindness and Proficiency

Once players start Ohya’s Confidant, they can then speak to Lala-chan to get a bartending job at Crossroads. If they work here twice, Joker will overhear the name for the Mementos Request “We Aren’t Just Your Slaves.”

Depending on the customer that Joker speaks to, he’ll get two points towards one of his Social Stats. Different customers come in on different days.


Day of the Week

Stat Increase

Female office worker

Tuesday, Friday, Sunday


Downcast woman

Monday, Friday, Saturday


Scary-looking man

Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday


Red-faced man

Monday, Friday, Saturday


Woman in evening dress

Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday


Persona 5 Royal is available now on PS4. A PC, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and Xbox Game Pass release is scheduled for October 21, 2022.

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