Players Recall Their Best And Worst Memories Of The Kinect

Players Recall Their Best And Worst Memories Of The Kinect

Microsoft introduced the Kinect back in 2010, a motion sensing device that promised to revolutionize the games industry. Despite the strong marketing and some initial hype, the platform failed to live up to its expectations, gamers having since largely forgotten about the Kinect. This particular piece of hardware has, on the other hand, finally resurfaced, users on Resetera answering the question “does anyone look back at the Kinect fondly?”

The Kinect was first released for the Xbox 360 and then a couple of years later for the Xbox One. The platform used a combination of cameras and sensors to track movement, allowing players to control games with their bodies rather than a traditional controller. Microsoft touted the device as a game changer that would revolutionize the way people played video games.

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The hardware generated quite a bit of buzz and was featured prominently in marketing campaigns. Microsoft invested heavily in the technology, but despite some initial interest on the part of players, the Kinect ultimately failed to catch on, many gamers finding the device to be imprecise and unreliable, with some even calling the platform a gimmick. In addition to its lackluster performance, the Kinect also faced criticism over privacy concerns. The cameras and sensors on the device raised questions about whether Microsoft was collecting data from players without their knowledge or consent.

Players Recall Their Best And Worst Memories Of The Kinect

Despite the technology being mostly forgotten, some gamers do actually have rather fond memories of the Kinect, several users on Resetera for example sharing their positive experiences with the device. “Kinect had a lot of potential and I wish Microsoft continued with it instead of making the Xbox and PS4 twins,” Shola Akinnuso explained. “Who knows what gaming would look like now? Yes, I know that opinion is in the minority, but I really appreciate companies that have a long term focused roadmap and see it through.”

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Some users also pointed out how the failure of the Kinect was due in part to a mishandling of the technology by Microsoft. The company initially forced users to buy the device along with the Xbox One, driving up the price of the system and turning off many potential players. Microsoft later backtracked and began selling the Xbox One without the Kinect, but as many Resetera users have remarked, the damage was already done. “A lot of good could have come from the Kinect, but forcing it with every Xbox One in addition to all the other stuff at that time painted it in an even worse light than some had before,” KamenSenshi noted. “If they had created a studio or two specifically for Kinect, that would have been great.”

The Kinect did however make a lasting impression on the games industry, the technology behind the Kinect paving the way for other more recently released motion sensing devices. The device also influenced the development of virtual and augmented reality systems, platforms which are becoming increasingly popular these days. “I think it would’ve made sense to keep Kinect around if Microsoft got into virtual reality and I do think it’s odd how anti-Kinect people were when so many people now so readily accept hands free voice assistants,” Kubev rather pertinently pointed out.

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