Pokemon BDSP Player Beats The Game With A Team Of Babies

Pokemon BDSP Player Beats The Game With A Team Of Babies

Pokemon games don’t have difficulty settings, something that has been a point of contention almost as long as Pokemon games have been a thing. However, there are fanmade difficulty settings players can impose on themselves should they so choose. Whether it be completing a nuzlocke or becoming a Pokemon Hall of Famer using nothing but babies.

SouthWheel shared their accomplishment on Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl’s subreddit. The trainer made it all the way through the remake and beat its Elite Four using a team of six baby Pokemon. As highlighted in the replies to their post, that was not easy and the path was likely littered with frustrations and times when SouthWheel had to grind as if their life depended on it.


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SouthWheel clarifies what any of us who have played Pokemon games likely assumed, that all six were used as fodder at various times so others could be revived and healed. None of them made it all the way to level 100 either as the trainer confirmed at the start of the battle with the Elite Four Piplup had been leveled up the most at 81, Riolu was the lowest at 63, and the other four members of their baby team fell somewhere in the 70s.

Now, the controversy. Like me, some of you may be looking at SouthWheel’s team of six and saying aloud, “yes that’s impressive, but that’s not a team of baby Pokemon.” To you I say yes, sort of, but hold your Ponytas. While Riolu fits the classic definition of a baby Pokemon, everyone else on SouthWheel’s team technically does too. Piplup and the gang aren’t your typical baby Pokemon like Pichu and Cleffa, but they’re all the lowest form in a family chain and can all evolve at least once. Plus, they can all be obtained through breeding.

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Even if you still have qualms with SouthWheel’s team of babies, what we can all agree on is their accomplishment is an impressive one. It’s certainly not the sort of thing I would have the patience to do. I have a big enough issue taking down the Pokemon world’s various Elite Fours with the fully trained and evolved team I’ve been preparing for an entire game. Give me nothing but a team of babies and I’ll probably be trying and failing right up until the next games launch, and they’ve not even been announced yet.

Speaking of which, there are no new games, at least not in the main series, coming in 2023. Just Scarlet & Violet’s DLC which sounds like it will be pretty bulky, dropping in two parts. Hopefully there’s another remake in the pipeline made in the same vein as BDSP, although if anyone from Pokemon is listening, a Let’s Go remake of Gold & Silver gets my vote.

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