Pokemon Crosses Over With Yu-Gi-Oh in Impressive Fan Art

Pokemon Crosses Over With Yu-Gi-Oh in Impressive Fan Art

An interesting fan-made concept combines two popular Pokemon, Gengar and Clefable, with a famous card from the Yu-Gi-Oh! franchise.

A talented Pokemon fan artist has created an interesting concept that features two familiar Pokemon in one of the most popular cards in the Yu-Gi-Oh! franchise. The Pokemon community is known for taking some of the series’ most popular creatures and implementing them into different environments.

Both of the featured Pokemon, Gengar and Clefable, are well-known in the community as they were both featured in the series’ first games, Pokemon Red and Blue. Over the last couple of years, multiple theories have been connecting these two creatures that have more in common than many fans might have thought.


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A Reddit user named ItWasMannie7 has shared an impressive artwork that combines the two popular Pokemon, Gengar and Clefable, with Change of Heart – a well-known Yu-Gi-Oh! card. This card allows players to take control of an opponent’s monster for one turn, and it has always been considered one of the strongest spell cards in this TCG which is why it used to be on the ban list. With the release of new and more complex cards, Change of Heart has been unbanned and moved to the list of limited spell cards. Its original design features a female whose appearance is divided into two halves representing good and evil. The fan-made concept has replaced this character with two Pokemon, Gengar and Clefable, which makes sense as their appearance perfectly fits the theme of the card.

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Gengar is a Ghost/Poison-type who also goes by the name “Shadow Pokemon” in the community. Gengar has been a fan-favorite since its first introduction thanks to its mischievous demeanor. On the other hand, Cleafable is a Fairy-type Pokemon introduced in the same generation, and it’s known for having a very gentle nature. Clefable used to be a Normal-type before Game Freak introduced the Fairy-type back in Generation VI.

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The main inspiration behind this card concept could be a very popular fan-made theory that links Gengar and Clefable based on several similarities. From a design perspective, the two share almost identical body shapes with their respective tails and hair being the main difference in the overall design.

While there is still no official confirmation of this idea, some older games have been hinting at a couple of details that give more credibility to this theory. In some of the franchise’s first games such as Pokemon Red and Blue, Gengar and Clefable can be found in close proximity to each other.

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