Pokemon Fan Spots Pikachu and Lugia Promotional Cars in Person

Pokemon Fan Spots Pikachu and Lugia Promotional Cars in Person

A Pokemon fan has shared with the franchise’s community that they spotted two vehicles that were made to look like Pikachu and the legendary pocket creature Lugia in real life. For those who are in the same area or vicinity as the person who shared the information, this is likely the best chance for fellow Pokemon fans to catch a peek at the decked-out cars.

It seems dressing up real-world places and things are some of the many ways that The Pokemon Company continues to promote the franchise. This is especially true in the franchise’s home country of Japan, where the local government often has tourism activities and promotional materials featuring a special Pokemon ambassador. Now, it looks like the company is testing community feedback in more Western areas, which enabled one person to see the Pikachu and Lugia-themed cars at a Pokemon event in the United States.


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On Reddit, user mewisme700 shared a photo of the cars that were decked out in decals of the recognizable markings of the iconic Electric-type Pikachu and the legendary Psychic/Flying-type Pokemon Lugia. In the shared image, a Volkswagen Beetle is used to represent Pikachu, while a Chrysler PT Cruiser represents Lugia. Each compact car showcases the features of the Pokemon they represented. For example, the Beetle had Pikachu’s striking yellow color scheme, brown stripes, red circle cheeks, and long ears. On the other hand, the PT Cruiser had Lugia’s white-and-blue colorway, blue back spikes, and long white tail. The PT Cruiser even had Lugia’s recognizable white horn on its hood.

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According to the Redditor’s caption, they spotted the cars at the Baltimore Pokecon, a recent Pokemon-themed event organized by fans. Comments on the Reddit thread did not show any negative opinions about the Volkswagen Beetle dressed up as Pikachu, but other fans replied with their disappointment of the use of a Chrysler PT Cruiser. One even stated that they thought it was a shame that a great legendary Pokemon like Lugia was represented by that specific car model. Nevertheless, fans who were able to attend the event likely feel lucky to have seen the decked-out cars in person.

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More photos of the Beetle and PT Cruiser dressed up as the well-known pocket creatures Pikachu and Lugia can be viewed by the community through the event’s official social media pages. Hopefully The Pokemon Company will continue to support these kinds of events in the future as it definitely brings the Pokemon experience closer to the fan base.

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