Pokemon Fan Transforms Lamp into Lampent

Pokemon Fan Transforms Lamp into Lampent

A creative Pokemon fan takes an ordinary ceiling lamp and documents its transformation into the Ghost/Fire dual-type Lampent.

A creative and talented Pokemon fan has transformed their ordinary ceiling lamp into an awesome rendition of Lampent. Literally known as the Lamp Pokemon, the fan’s custom creation is already garnering praise from hundreds of other Pokemon enthusiasts.

First appearing in Pokemon Black and White, Lampent is a dual-type Ghost/Fire Pokemon from the fan-favorite fifth generation that evolves from Litwick beginning at Level 41, and evolves into Chandelure when exposed to a Dusk Stone. Lampent has a rather morbid nature, as the creature can sense when someone is on the brink of death, finding and stealing the spirit from them to fuel its internal flame.


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The impressive Lampent creation comes from TikTok user @animashed, who documented their impressive creation process in a time-lapse video. In the roughly two-minute sequence, the creator appears to first grab references to the Pokemon’s dimensions before 3D printing all of Lampent’s components. They then assemble everything together with some strong adhesive before attaching the Pokemon model onto the ceiling lamp in their home. The entire video features the original version of the iconic Lavender Town theme from Pokemon Red and Blue, adding quite the eerie vibe.

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The creation is impressing a hefty number of other Pokemon fans. The video already in triple digits and a separate Reddit post of the Lampent lamp garnering nearly 2,000 upvotes, with many fans jokingly warning the creator that his soul would eventually be stolen by it. However, @animashed isn’t the only Pokemon who had a similar idea. Earlier this year, Reddit user 2501exe made a full-blown chandelier of Chandelure, Lampent’s final evolution. The Chandelure chandelier was similarly made with a 3D printer, and outfitted with a color-changing LED light.

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Both the Chandelure chandelier and the Lampent lamp are very impressive fanmade creations, but not all Pokemon fans have the money or 3D printer access to create such products. Luckily though, fans will be able to get their hands on an official Pokemon lamp, fully assembled and ready to go. The Pokemon Company has recently released an adorable Pikachu-shaped lamp, which only costs around $25 dollars. The lamp is made with soft materials, making it squishable, and is turned on and off by tapping its surface. The lamp is also far less likely to steal souls than the ones above.

Given the nature of Lampent, it’s a surprise that there hasn’t been an officially produced lamp of the Pokemon. However, should this Pokemon Lampent lamp get shared enough, that could certainly change.

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