Pokemon Go player becomes Best Buddies with all 347 costumed Pokemon – Dexerto

Pokemon Go player becomes Best Buddies with all 347 costumed Pokemon – Dexerto

One Pokemon Go player managed to do the impossible by becoming 347 Best Buddies with all 347 costumed Pokemon.

In Pokemon Go, there are four Buddy Levels: Good, Great, Ultra, and Best. For trainers to become Best Buddies with their partner Pokemon, they must earn 300 Hearts from various in-game activities like walking together and giving them treats like Berries or Poffins.

To quickly reach Best Buddy status, trainers should work with multiple Pokemon per day. However, one player took this advice into overdrive and spawned 347 Best Buddies – all costumed Pokemon.

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Pokemon Go player reaches the Best Buddy level with every single costumed Pokemon

Drip Lapras Pokemon GoDrip Lapras Pokemon GoNiantic

Pokemon Go gets new Costumed Pokemon often, making this feat all the more impressive.

On the Pokemon Go subreddit, Reddit user Affectionate-Owl6853 posted their insane achievement of 347 Best Buddies. The OP included screenshots to prove their accomplishment of being best friends with 347 costumed Pokemon.

“OP needs to touch some grass,” DramaLlama wrote. Affectionate-Owl6853 replied that they would go outside to grind around 15 poffins daily.

“Bro’s taking gotta catch em all to a whole new level,” user Puzzleheaded-Crazy70 remarked. “Good for you though, that is impressive.”

“This is the most impressive thing on here I’ve seen, big congrats dude!!,” disgruntledsnips said.

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Recently, trainers helped each other out on how to get their first Best Buddy. Ivi-Tora suggested, “Start with one, feed it, play, picture, and train with the team leaders three times (you can just surrender to get the Heart quick) then swap to another buddy.” Users should then repeat this process nine times.

TheOBRobot added to the conversation by telling trainers to make their Pokemon excited everyday. “Between feeding, battling, walking, snapshot, and playing, you can get 22 Hearts in excited status,” the user wrote.

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During Sustainbility Week 2023, Niantic claimed players could obtain Candy with their Buddy Pokemon for half the usual distance. However, read our article to learn about how the company quickly removed the offer.


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