Pokemon Go Players Are Fed Up With The Lack Of Wild Spawn Variety

Pokemon Go Players Are Fed Up With The Lack Of Wild Spawn Variety

Pokemon is a series full of funny little creatures you can go out and collect, and now that we’re nine generations deep, there are quite a lot of them. There’s over 1,000 Pokemon now, making the series’ over goal of catching ’em all pretty dang difficult. It’s even harder for Pokemon Go players that want to catch every Pokemon available to them, especially since the variety of wild spawns is incredibly lacking for a lot of people.

It seems to have reached a boiling point this week, as several fans have been complaining about the lack of wild spawn variety on the Pokemon Go subreddit (thanks Dexerto), urging developer Niantic to do something about it and make the game a lot more fun to play. The conversation is kicked of by u/SnooHedgehogs1443, who explains that they’d like to see the available Pokemon in their area rotated every month, claiming that if they see one more Pidove spawn, they’ll “lose their mind”.


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Comments then came flooding in from other disgruntled Pokemon Go players, each one describing their frustrations running into the exact same Pokemon over and over again. For example, u/einredditname bemoans the game showing a Growlithe on the loading screens, but only ever runs into “generic bird Pokemon XYZ” in the actual game, while u/VlastDeservedBetter pleads with Niantic to get rid of Yungoos since it’s been in the spawn pool for over a year.

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Then there are those that try to offer up possible solutions that Niantic could implement to make things more enjoyable for players. For example, u/DecisionTypical wants the developer to stop curating spawns entirely and make it so every Pokemon has the chance of spawning at any given time, suggesting that higher spawn rates for certain Pokemon could be attached to the weather instead. It’s a pretty interesting idea that would make the game a lot more varied and enjoyable for roaming players.

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In any case, Niantic probably has a lot more to worry about right now than fixing spawn rates, most pressingly the fans that are still furious over the recent Remote Raid controversy that appears to be affecting the developer’s bottom line. It was recently reported that Pokemon Go revenue plummeted to a five-year low earlier this week, with most attributing the loss due to the boycott over Remote Raid passes. Niantic has denied this report, claiming that revenue has actually increased year-on-year, though doesn’t actually reveal whether this latest boycott has had any impact.

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