Pokemon Go players criticize lack of incentive to go out and play – Dexerto

Pokemon Go players criticize lack of incentive to go out and play – Dexerto

As Pokemon Go’s problems pile up, longtime players have begun questioning whether or not there’s incentive to keep engaging in the experience.

Pokemon Go users have long vacillated between love and hate when it comes to how developer Niantic manages the popular mobile game.

Of late, however, it seems feelings of disappointment have ruled the day as far as dedicated players are concerned. Earlier this year, the studio significantly limited the use Remote Raid Passes, resulting in the community launching yet another boycott.

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Niantic continues to push on by rolling out new updates and hosting community events, yet some fans are beginning to wonder if sticking around is worth the effort.

Pokemon Go players question if the experience is still worthwhile

Reddit user dereczoolander recently posed a question that’s garnered quite a bit of attention – “Does anyone else feel like Pokemon GO has gotten really boring?”

The Redditor said they’ve enjoyed the game since launch, having played frequently when enlisted in the military and traveling the world.

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However, for someone that enjoys exploring the outdoors when hiking or visiting National parks, there’s no real incentive to jump on Pokemon Go anymore. Malls and shopping centers are a much more viable option in this regard.

“I can catch 5-10x the amount of Pokemon at the mall than at the parks,” the user wrote, before noting that too often, hiking with Pokemon Go will yield the exact same benefits as walking around a strip mall.

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Dereczoolander concluded their post by lamenting that it feels like the mobile title has lost its “soul.”

Many who commented in the thread seem to agree with this sentiment. One person responded, “I 100% thought this today. Raids are trash, the player benefits that have been removed, the absolute TRASH spawns right now…”

A newcomer said they don’t think Pokemon Go is as great as many once proclaimed. The problem, they argued, is that there’s little monster variation and few chances to collect favorites barring raids or special events. “I can drive 2+hrs away, walk around, and see the exact same ones as around my house.”

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“I’m so tired of ‘season of the same 7 mediocre Pokémon for the next 90 days’ events,” said another longtime Pokemon Go player. Someone else replied to this particular response by saying that though they aren’t bored yet, they do find the lack of spawn variety “tiresome.”

While many still want to explore the world with Pokemon Go in hand, it seems Niantic constantly gives them fewer reasons to do so.


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