Pokemon Go players mourn on 1-year anniversary of “good boxes” – Dexerto

Pokemon Go players mourn on 1-year anniversary of “good boxes” – Dexerto

Pokemon Go trainers reminiscence about the better quality Daily Free Boxes on the first anniversary of their absence.

In Pokemon Go, the Daily Free Box contains a few handy features like Pokeballs and Berries. This particularly helps players unable to go outside or who live in rural communities. Nonetheless, some players are disappointed with the bundle’s contents.

Before Pokeballs and Berries, one trainer remembered what a Daily Free Box could include on the first anniversary of obtaining one. However, the above-average items weren’t incredibly easy to come across.

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Pokemon Go players miss better items from free boxes

pokemon go shop box headerpokemon go shop box headerNiantic

Reddit user Professor_Ruby recognized the first anniversary of their Daily Free Box on the Pokemon Go subreddit. The bundle contained excellent items like Incense, Star Pieces, Poffins, and Silver Pinap Berries. Now, trainers receive nowhere near the contents of previous Daily Free Boxes.

“Miss waking up to boxes like these,” Duck_Wrangler wrote. “Guess we gotta be happy with a Potion and a Nanab berry.”

“I still cannot believe there were people who got stuff like that, while the rest of us got regular Pokeballs and Potions,” stephan-w remarked.

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Several players doubted the existence of such Daily Free Boxes. Professor_Ruby replied, “They were rare. It would be amazing if they brought them back like once or twice a month for a little extra bonus on community days or special events like Tours and GO Fests.”

While the Daily Free Boxes can be lackluster, some Pokemon Go players previously considered the weekly Event Boxes to be worse than the Daily Free Boxes. The bundle sometimes contained Razz, Pinap, and Nanab Berries in addition to two Poffins.

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In terms of other Boxes, Niantic came under fire for removing a Boost Box in January 2023.

For 399 PokeCoins, players would have received five Premium Battle Passes, five Super Incubators, an Item Bag, and Pokemon Storage. Another Boost Box version included one Super Incubator, two Egg Incubators, and one Lucky Egg for the same price.

To find out about the available Pokemon Go Shop items for May 2023, read our article on the featured merchandise.


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