Pokemon Go Raid Numbers Reportedly Plummet After Remote Raid Issue

Pokemon Go Raid Numbers Reportedly Plummet After Remote Raid Issue

Niantic’s bizarre decision to nerf Pokemon Go’s Remote Raids has resulted in the community turning against it. Instead of listening to its loyal players, Niantic decided to make fun of them. Well, all of this has resulted in players calling for a strike against the game’s in-person raids, and some of them are even taking things too far by threatening devs and streamers.

However, it seems none of these things have swayed the developer from reversing or altering the changes it has made – restricting players to one Remote Raid per day and increasing the price of single use Remote Raid passes. Niantic is adamant that it wants players back on the streets in large gatherings. However, it seems the exact opposite is happening.


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Whether it’s because of the strike called by the community, or the fact that players just don’t want to lug themselves to their neighbourhood park for Tapu Bulu, it looks like the overall number of participants for Pokemon Go raids has dropped significantly. And this is affecting those who’ve made a living out of Pokemon Go.

According to Pokebattler, a Pokemon Go analytics and raid tracking website, user traffic for its website and app dropped by 54.75 percent in the period between April 6 and April 28 (thanks, Dexerto). It should be noted that Pokebattler is a fan website that isn’t affiliated with Niantic.

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The website and app are a popular tool used by Pokemon Go players, especially during big events and raids. Since the numbers for it have dropped, it can be surmised that overall participation in Pokemon Go’s events has decreased as well, not necessarily by the same amount, though. This is but a taste of the effects that Niantic’s new approach will have on the community.

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The news about this massive drop in participation hurts, especially for those who’ve stuck with Pokemon Go for years, and even built a living around it. “Watching the app you’ve been excited to build finally take off and then crash hard is devastating,” Tweeted the Pokebattler account. “My Pokebattler motivation is at an all time low. Hopefully usage comes back when popular raids return.”

People standing around a Pokemon Go Raid with the text

Those who’ve used Pokebattler in the past were sad to see the numbers for the website and app drop so drastically. “Really sorry to see this, it’s awful to see years of work come crashing down. Pokebattler has been an invaluable resource. I hope things pick back up someway,” said one reply to the Tweet.

“I really wanted to thank you for this app. It helped me a lot to do my raids. It’s so simple and I am so sad that it turned out this way… I didn’t do a single raid since the changes. I hope this gets better for you. But it [probably] depends on Niantic,” said another.

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