Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Player One-Shots Inteleon With Tinkaton

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Player One-Shots Inteleon With Tinkaton

A Pokemon Scarlet and Violet player develops a strategy to beat Inteleon the Unrivaled with their trusty Tinkaton and shares their work.

A Pokemon Scarlet and Violet player created a strategy for defeating Inteleon the Unrivaled, the newest seven-star Tera raid boss, in one hit with a Tinkaton as the central Pokemon behind their ploy. The player posted their strategy on social media for other Pokemon Scarlet and Violet players to use as they saw fit against the Secret Agent Pokemon.

Inteleon the Unrivaled is the eighth seven-star Tera raid battle to make an appearance in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet and is currently available for players to face until Sunday, April 30, at 23:59 UTC. However, players that miss their chance to fight and catch Inteleon will have another opportunity, as the seven-star Tera raid battle will have a repeat run starting on Friday, May 5, at 00:00 UTC and ending on Sunday, May 7, at 23:59 UTC. As the second starter Pokemon to make its way over from Pokemon Sword and Shield as a Tera raid boss, Inteleon has the Ice-type as its Tera type. Given that Ice-type Pokemon are weak to Steel-type Pokemon such as Tinkaton, this has led to players crafting strategies to exploit that weakness.


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On Reddit, a user named mismatched7 posted a video of their strategy that used a buffed Tinkaton to take down Inteleon in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. In a 30-second video posted to the r/pokemon subreddit, mismatched7 had a Tinkaton and three Perrserker go up against Inteleon the Unrivaled. Within the span of one full turn among the entire team, one Perrserker used Sunny Day to wipe out Inteleon’s Snowscape weather effect, which would have granted Inteleon boosted defenses and made its Blizzard attack more potent had it remained. Once the sun was out, the other two Perrserker used Swagger on Tinkaton. While Swagger would normally confuse the target Pokemon, Tinkaton’s ability Own Tempo protected it from confusion.

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With a bolstered attack as a result, Tinkaton used its signature attack, Gigaton Hammer, to take down Inteleon the Unrivaled in one hit. The video from mismatched7 received over 1.2k upvotes on the r/pokemon subreddit in a span of two days. Other Pokemon Scarlet and Violet players praised mismatched7 for the strategy, and some stated that the ploy was appropriate for Tinkaton, given its reputation as a bully to other Pokemon such as Corviknight.

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However, other Pokemon Scarlet and Violet players commented that the strategy was an indicator of how easy the Inteleon raid battle was compared to its predecessors such as Cinderace. Only time will tell if future Tera raid battles will continue this trend.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are available now for Nintendo Switch.

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