Pokemon Scarlet & Violet players crown Annihilape as Most Valuable Raid Pokemon – Dexerto

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet players crown Annihilape as Most Valuable Raid Pokemon – Dexerto

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet players named Annihilape the most valuable party member for difficult Raids.

Introduced in the Generation 9 games, Annihilape is the final evolution of Mankey. Trainers can obtain the Fighting/Ghost Pokemon after Primeape attacks with Rage Fist 20 times. Since its debut, Annihilape has become a formidable opponent in battle.

For example, the Rage Monkey Pokemon has become a popular choice in Scarlet & Violet’s Tera Raids. Here’s how players argued in the Pokemon’s favor as the most valuable Raid party member option.

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Pokemon Scarlet & Violet trainers pick Annihilape as Raid MVP

Annihilape named best raid Pokemon in Scarlet & VioletAnnihilape named best raid Pokemon in Scarlet & VioletThe Pokemon Company

Reddit user Rali3d explained why they crowned Annihilape their MVP for Tera Raids on the Scarlet & Violet subreddit. The player claimed Annihilape took out Iron Leaves and Walking Wake in addition to Typhlosion and Inteleon in their respective raids.

“I’ve found people blindly spamming Annihilape to be much more effective than people blindly spamming Iron Hands, so at least this has been a win in that regard,” FlamingHorseRider wrote.

In terms of how to build your Annihilape, Vyndilion offered their advice,” I have a Ghost Tera and Fighting, both can be useful.” “252 HP 252 Attack Defiant Shell Bell(Ghost)/Expert Belt(fighting). Bulk Up, Screech, Drain Punch, and Rage Fist.”

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“Curious to see if Delphox will finally be the one to end ape’s win streak, but they’ll probably give her dark typing and ape will laugh in Drain Punch through the Psychic attacks,” YellowFew6603 added.

Besides Annihilape, one Scarlet & Violet player has utilized Magikarp in a series of OHKO Tera Raids. Their comprehensive strategy took down Typhlosion with one simple Flail after Samurott’s False Swipe reduced Magikarp to 1 HP. The group also took advantage of Sylveon’s Pixilate ability to turn Normal-type moves into Fairy.

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