Pro Overwatch 2 Player Shows Off Cross-Map Immortality Field Spot on Ilios

Pro Overwatch 2 Player Shows Off Cross-Map Immortality Field Spot on Ilios

A professional Overwatch 2 player managed to land an incredible Immortality Field throw across the entire Illios map while playing Baptiste, highlighting one of the many possibilities for this hero to save his team even when away from a fight. Overwatch 2 is filled with tips and tricks that players regularly discover and share, but this cross-map Baptiste play blew the minds of the Overwatch League viewers who witnessed this throw.

Baptiste is one of the available support heroes in Overwatch 2, introduced in the original game in 2019. This hero benefits from great mobility thanks to his Exo Boots, allowing him to jump to high grounds to have a better look at his teammates and enemies. His play style is a mix of defensive and offensive abilities, making Baptiste a well-rounded Overwatch 2 hero that can heal as well as kill his opponents. One of his strongest abilities is the Immortality Field, a device that Baptiste can toss to prevent his allies from dying for a short period.


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During an Overwatch League match, William “Lyar” Ohlstein from Los Angeles Valiant showcased his skill as Baptiste by launching his Immortality Field from Illios Lighthouse’s spawn directly on the objective, where his teammates were in the middle of a fight against the Washington Justice to prevent them from winning the round in Overtime. By aiming at a specific angle on the lighthouse from the spawn, the Overwatch 2 professional player managed to land his Immortality Field where the action took place, helping his teammates survive a little longer while the support hero ran back to heal them. Unfortunately, this incredible play was not enough for his team to take the upper hand, as Los Angeles Valiant lost this round to Washington Justice.

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Overwatch League enthusiasts were astonished by the precision of this Baptiste action. Most didn’t even know such an Immortality Field placement was possible from the spawn of Illios Lighthouse and decided to train so they could replicate this potentially game-changing play. Overwatch 2 players already knew some strategies to throw Ana’s Biotic Grenade across the map to hinder their opponents or heal their teammates, but were delighted to see similar strategies could apply to Baptiste’s Immortality Field.

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Overwatch 2 players often share their strategies on social media, showcasing to the entire community their favorite tips and tricks to win their competitive games. With the recent release of Lifeweaver, the 37th hero joining the Overwatch 2 lineup, players found new ways to use this support hero in their matches. An Overwatch 2 streamer found a way for Lifeweaver to trap his enemies, while another player shared a strategy to make Roadhog’s players lose their minds when playing against this new support hero.

Overwatch 2 is available to play for free on PC, Xbox One, Xbox X/S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and Nintendo Switch.

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