Red Dead Online Gives Player a Horrifying Interaction Option with Their Horse

Red Dead Online Gives Player a Horrifying Interaction Option with Their Horse

A Red Dead Online fan shares a screenshot of their character beside their horse, with a horrifying interaction option available.

A fan of Red Dead Online recently went online to share a screenshot from the game, in which they’re prompted with a horrifying interaction option involving their horse. There are many interactions with NPCs available to players of Red Dead Online, ranging from normal waving to elaborate gun tricks, but in some cases the game provides players unusual options.

Red Dead Online launched in November 2018, a month after Red Dead Redemption 2‘s initial release. Since its debut, Red Dead Online has had several updates that added more content for players to enjoy. While some of the updates were met with praise from players, others left Red Dead Online players upset. Although Rockstar has stopped updating the online western title, players still enjoy the various professions and free roam activities available to them, including interacting with various characters and their horse. One player recently took to Reddit to share a horrifying interaction option with their horse, which isn’t usually available to players.


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Reddit user TasteeGloo shared a screenshot of their character standing next to their horse named Damascus, with the option of skinning their mount pictured in the bottom right corner of the screen. The player is in their camp with their horse hitched to a hitching post, and the option of skinning their poor steed is listed above Damascus’ name. Although Red Dead Online hasn’t usually provided players with the option to skin their horse during Red Dead Online‘s previous updates, TasteeGloo’s post highlights the horrifying possibility nonetheless.

red dead online interaction to skin horse

The original post can be found here.

TasteeGloo provided more context in the comment section, adding that they did ultimately try to skin Damascus but that nothing ended up happening. Other players in the comment section expressed their own confusion, and in some cases curiosity as to what would happen. One commenter raised an interesting point, writing that “in the first Redemption you could skin horses, I wonder why you can’t in 2?” Thankfully the option to skin horses was removed in Red Dead Redemption 2 and its online mode, marking another departure from the original Red Dead Redemption. While the option to skin TasteeGloo’s horse was probably the result of one of Red Dead Online‘s various odd bugs, it still brings a terrifying thought to the minds of its community members.

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While bugs like the one TasteeGloo shared are interesting, they highlight that Red Dead Online isn’t receiving the support some fans would have hoped. Unfortunately, the game is in dire need of support, especially given the recent state of Red Dead Online’s PC lobbies. While Rockstar has confirmed that future updates to the game won’t be coming, some fans still hold out hope that Red Dead Online hasn’t been completely abandoned.

Red Dead Online is currently available on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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