Redfall: All Missable Achievements

Redfall features 66 achievements for players to earn, and more than one-third of them are missiable. This large quantity of missable achievements is due to the game’s two points of no return and the absence of a mission replay feature, and fans that are going for 100% completion will need to be very thoughtful with their actions. This guide is here to assist with that by providing details on all the missable achievements in Redfall.

Redfall: Redfall Commons Missable Achievements

As previously noted, there are two points of no return in Redfall, and the first one manifests as The Hollow Man main story mission. Indeed, players will ultimately be prevented from returning to the Redfall Commons upon completion of that mission, and they are thus advised to work on the following achievements before engaging this vampire god.


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I Spit On Your Grave

redfall missable achievements

This achievement tasks players with stealing Dr. Hunt’s father’s pocket watch, and it should be addressed before completing the A Grave Situation main missions in Redfall. To earn the achievement, players must simply interact with the Pocket Watch Blood Remnant after placing it atop the gravestone in the United Church of Christ Cemetery.

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Someplace to Be

This achievement requires players to reach a landing site before the supplies land, and it must be completed during a Bellweather Supply Drop Safehouse Mission. Such a mission can be initiated from both the Shadetree Heights Safehouse (Redfall Commons) and the Howl’s Neck Safehouse (Burial Point), and here is guide to claiming the achievement:

  1. Accept the mission.
  2. Travel to the waypoint and interact with the Communications Laser.
  3. Look toward the sky to locate the supply drops.
  4. Run toward one of the drops, and get underneath it before it is released.

To note, if a player does not reach the supply drop in time, they can reset the mission by hard quitting Redfall from the Xbox dashboard.

Skin of Their Teeth

redfall missable achievements

Players must earn this achievement during the A Voice in the Dark main story mission, and it instructs them to complete the mission with all hostages alive. This task is to be addressed at Samuelson’s Shipyard, and the four hostages are located on the bottom floor of the warehouse with the satellite dishes. Before players approach and free these hostages, they should eliminate the Executioner and Cultists in the area.

Empty Nest Syndrome

This is achievement is earned by destroying a nest heart without waking or killing any vampires, and while it is technically missable, there are many opportunities to complete it. Indeed, players that simply crouch walk through every Vampire Nest in Redfall that they enter should eventually finish one without alerting or shooting any enemies.

Saw That Coming

redfall missable achievements

Players must claim this achievement during the Abducted Brother side quest, which can be initiated by speaking with Joe at Redfall‘s Fire Station upon completing the first batch of main story missions. During Abducted Brother, fans should enter the marked house and make their way into its basement. Here, fans will encounter a metal door, and they should open it and quickly move away to avoid an explosion and trigger the achievement.

Ask Not For Whom The Horns Blow

redfall missable achievements

This achievement is earned by disabling foghorns before going to the Tempestas during the Fall Like Lightning main story mission. To earn it, players should travel to the Heritage Rock Lighthouse and interact with the two generators that they encounter immediately upon entering the building.

Starve the Beast

This achievement instructs players to complete Metamorphosis without the vampire being nourished, and the relevant mission can be initiated at both the Sedgewick Safehouse (Redfall Commons) and the Haven’s Lot Safehouse (Burial Point). After accepting the mission, players should make their way to the marked Chrysalis and defeat the Bloodbags that appear without allowing any of them to explode upon the vampire. While this can be done in many ways, freezing the Bloodbags with a UV weapon and then hitting them with a melee attack is a great option, and the mission can be reset by hard quitting Redfall from the Xbox dashboard if necessary.

Avenging the Good Doctor

redfall missable achievements

Players can earn this achievement for avenging Dr. Hunt’s death by killing the vampire that killed him. This action is to be performed during the A Grave Situation: Find the Doc main story mission, and fans will find the relevant vampire in the United Church of Christ Cemetery.

Dexterity Save

redfall missable achievements

This achievement centers around taking the survival tips without triggering the tripwires, and it is earned during Taking Back the Air Waves, a side mission that is initiated from within the Heritage Rock Safehouse. Upon initiating this mission, fans should purchase one Lockpick and three Rewire Kits, travel to Bill’s House, and follow these steps:

  1. Pick the back door to enter the kitchen.
  2. Crouch under the first laser to reach the other side of the room and turn to the right.
  3. Jump onto the desk with the computer and crouch under the laser to enter the hallway.
  4. Use a Rewire Kit to hack the Tripwire Console on the stairs.
  5. Use Rewire Kits to hack two Tripwire Consoles at the top of the stairs.
  6. Collect the Vampire Survival Tips from the desk in the upstairs office.

A Cry in the Dark

redfall missable achievements

Players that want to earn this achievement must destroy the Wailing Shadow, a special vampire that can be found at the Hilltop Grave Site, which is marked on the map that is above. Once fans arrive at this location, they should fire a Flare Gun into the crows that are swarming overhead. This action will cause a purple smoke to eventually appear on the ground, and approaching it will cause the Wailing Shadow to spawn.

Helping Hand

Players must complete five side quests before leaving the Redfall Commons. Here is how they are initiated:

  1. Abducted Brother: Speak with Joe at the Fire Station.
  2. Carpe Noctem: Approach a Safehouse.
  3. Intermission Snack: Interact with the popcorn machine in the Fire Station basement.
  4. Taking Back the Air Waves: Interact with the white board in the Heritage Rock Safehouse.
  5. Whiskey and Cigars: Read a note in the office at Redfall United Church of Christ.

Block Party

Players should secure the five Redfall Commons Safehouses, complete their missions, and defeat the associated Vampire Underbosses before battling the Hollow Man.

Faith Healer

While this achievement will not trigger on the first map, players should make sure to collect the 45 Grave Locks in the Redfall Commons before fighting the Hollow Man.

Contingency Plans

This is another achievement that will not trigger within the Redfall Commons, though fans should confirm that they have completed every mission on the Fire Station briefing table before leaving.

Nice Try & Right This Way

These achievements are both earned during the To The Other Side main story mission, which is unlocked after defeating the Hollow Man. Unfortunately, players can only claim one achievement per playthrough, and they will need to reach this mission at least twice if they are going for 100% completion. On a first playthrough, fans should enter only red doors to claim Right This Way, and they should enter only blue doors on a second playthrough to claim Nice Try. For full clarity, the color of the doors in the Psychic Woods are revealed upon approaching them.

Redfall: Burial Point Missable Achievements

As with Redfall Commons, there is a point at which players will no longer be able to access the Burial Point map. This manifests as Redfall‘s Black Sun mission, and here are the achievements that fans should address before engaging with it.

Rum Runner & Blacklight Down

Both of these achievements are earned during What Does Bellweather Know?, the second main story mission in Burial Point. To claim Rum Runner, players should head to the position marked on the first map above and work their way through the Old Bootlegger Tunnel to reach the Wight Farm. To claim Blacklight Down, players should turn off the generator that is at the position marked on the second map above and then complete the mission without the help of the defensive UV lights.

Sepsis, So Anyway I Started Blasting, & Bloody Initiate

All three of these achievements are associated with the One of Us main story mission, though players will need to perform two separate playthroughs if they want to claim them all. During a first playthrough, fans of first-person shooters can focus on earning Sepsis and So Anyway I Started Blasting by performing these actions:

  1. Approach the Bladewell Campgrounds by way of the front gate.
  2. Do not attack or loot anything within the Campgrounds.
  3. Upon reaching the Bloodbag, follow the fuel line that is connected to the machine and “contaminate blood with gasoline” before filling the container and collecting the offering.
  4. Pour the Blood Offering into the altar to earn Sepsis, and then quickly hard quit Redfall from the Xbox dashboard.
  5. Return to the Baldewell Campgrounds and attack a Cultist to earn So Anyway I Started Blasting.

For the remaining achievement, players should follow the preceding instructions on a second playthrough, stopping when they reach the Bloodbag. This time around, fans of vampire video games should simply collect the blood without any tampering, and they will receive Bloody Initiate upon pouring it into the altar.

Lights Out & Bob’s Final Hour

Players can earn both of these achievements during the Lost in the Fog main story mission. For Lights Out, players must simply interact with the generator that is at the position marked on the first map above. And for Bob’s Final Hour, fans should use their favorite Redfall weapon to kill Bob the Radio Host at the position that is marked on the second map above.

Under a Bushel

This achievement is earned during the Restore the Light House main story mission, and it tasks players with getting the lamp without encountering The Keeper. This is done during the first part of the mission, in which fans of open-world games must collect a bulb from the second floor of the Keeper’s House, and they should exercise patience and focus on entering the building when the Shroud has moved away.

Eagle Eyes

redfall missable achievements

Players must earn this achievement during the Lost Unit side mission, which is initiated by traveling to the location marked on the map that is above. Once fans have received Lost Unit, they must venture into the nearby Direwolf Caverns and complete the mission without triggering any Bellwether tripwires. Notably, players that take a stealthy approach should be able to work through the caverns without fighting any vampires, which makes it quite easy to avoid tripwires.


redfall missable achievements

This achievement is earned during the What’s In the Attic main story mission, and it instructs players to listen to the Pastor’s thrall recording. The relevant recording is in the room with the Church Attic Key, and fans can listen to it by interacting with the tape recorder on the small table with the bells.

Enemy of My Enemy

Fans can address this achievement during Eclipsed, a side mission that is initiated at a garage in the position that is marked on the first map above. This mission will eventually lead players to the White Pines, and they can find a petrified Trevor Ash in the position that is marked on the second map above. Upon locating Trevor, players can either shoot him while he is petrified or disable the nearby generators to earn the achievement.


redfall missable achievements

To earn this achievement, players must solve the puzzle at the Blackwood House. This Redfall Blackwood House Key guide will assist with that endeavor, and fans can look forward to receiving a Legendary Blood Remanent at the end.

What Lies Below

redfall missable achievements

Players can claim this achievement by quickly ringing the bell attached to Redfall‘s Irving Family Mausoleum six times

Check, Please!

redfall missable achievements

This achievement is earned by traveling to Jolly’s Seaside Corner and looting the container on the table upstairs.

Good Samaritan

There are seven side missions in Burial Point that players should complete before fighting the final boss. Here is how to initiate them:

  1. Birdwatching: Speak with Nurse in Maritime Center.
  2. Eclipsed: Read the journal in the garage mentioned in the Enemy of My Enemy section above.
  3. Dr. Young’s Project: Speak with Nurse in the Maritime Center.
  4. The Lost Unit: Enter the cave mentioned in the Eagle Eyes section above.
  5. The Red Candle: Read the marked journal in the Maritime Center.
  6. Ward Family Tree: Speak with Constance in the Maritime Center.
  7. What Happened to Ms. Wayland?: Complete the Key to Wellness main quest.

Neighborhood Watch

Players should secure the eight Burial Point Safehouses, complete their missions, and defeat the associated Vampire Underbosses before battling the Black Sun.

Faith Healer

Players should make sure to collect the 55 Grave Locks in Burial Point before fighting the Black Sun to finish this achievement.

Contingency Plans

Fans should complete every mission on the Maritime Center briefing table before fighting the Black Sun to finish this achievement.

Say Goodbye, Joe

This achievement is earned during the game’s final mission, The Black Sun. Players will encounter Joe Creelman as they work their way to the boss battle, and they should kill him.

Redfall is available for PC and Xbox Series X/S.

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