Redfall Comes Under Fire Over Lack Of Matchmaking

Redfall Comes Under Fire Over Lack Of Matchmaking

Want to try out the multiplayer in Redfall? Well, you better have some friends who are ready to squad up at the same time as you, because it turns out that Arkane’s latest release doesn’t have matchmaking. This comes as yet another disappointment for players, as those without friends playing the game are unable to make the most of its online functionality.

This is despite Arkane’s previous game, Deathloop, revolving around playing with randoms, as other players took the role of Julianna and raided another’s game. That same ethos hasn’t made its way into Redfall, however, as there’s no way to be matched up with anyone else looking to play online, at least inside the game itself.

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This realisation is being met with a wave of criticism online, as many fans seemed eager to play Redfall with others, even if they didn’t have any pals getting the game on launch day.

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Even those that enjoy Redfall are calling out the lack of matchmaking, feeling that they’re missing out by not being able to play it with others.

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However, even if you are lucky enough to have some mates to team up with, the issues hardly end there. For some reason, Redfall only allows the host of the party to progress through the game, so everyone else is largely just there for the ride. This means that if a group of four wants to complete the game together, they’ll have to make their way through it four times. Either that, or you could go through in multiplayer once, and the rest could scoop up everything they missed in single-player. In any case, it’s a frustrating feature for a game which dedicated much of its advertising to its online play.

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As irritating as these online issues are for many, they may not have been so egregious had the game launched in a good state otherwise. Instead, players in both single and multiplayer are finding that Redfall is full of issues, ranging from poor graphics, texture quality, frame rate, and even enemy AI. It remains to be seen which problem Arkane decides to tackle first, as it hasn’t commented on Redfall’s less-than-stellar launch at the time of writing.

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